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расскажите как можно больше о past simple

5-9 класс

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Время Past Simple – это основное время, которое передает действие в прошлом, поэтому оно встречается в английском языке очень часто. Оно может употребляться в любом контексте, будь то художественный текст или разговорная речь. В описании любых событий, происходивших в прошлом, найдется место для Past Simple.


Другие вопросы из категории

1. Present simple or Present Continious 1) I (not/understand) ______ Chinese. 2) We (visit) ______ our grandparents on Sundays.

3) Catherine (not/wear) ______ jeans today.

4) Listen. The dog (bark) ______.

5) Look at Ted. Why (he/waving) ______ his arms inthe air?

2. Выбрать правильную форму:

1) Be careful! I think you WILL FALL / ARE FALLING soon.

2) I promise I AM PHONING / WILL PHONE soon.

3) I'm still hungry. I AM GOING TO ASK / AM ASKING for some more food.

4) We WILL GO / ARE GOING TO GO on holiday tommorow.

5) I'm sure it WON'T RAIN / ISN'T RAINING this afternoon.

Which of these films do / don't you like? Why? Write 4-5Which of these films do / don't you like? Why? Write 4-5 sentences.

Какой из этих фильмов вы / ты не любишь? Почему? Написать 4-5 предложения.

2.Брильянтовая рука.
3.Дневной дозор
4.Мастер и Маргарита
5. Ну, погоди
напишите пожалуйста об одном на английском

Пожалуйста *---*

Задания № 2,3

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заранее спасибо)

Помогите, пожалуйста!Поставьте предложения в past simple or present perfect. Помогите, пожалуйста!

Поставьте предложения в past simple or present perfect!
1. Mary …… (never/go) to Paris, so she’s very excited about her journey.
2. McDonalds ….. (open) a new restaurant near my house, but I (not/go) there yet.
3. My father ….. (give up) smoking two years ago and he (not/smoke) a cigarette since then.
4. She ….. (live) in Rome for ten years, but she ….. (not/return) there since she ….. (move) to Florence.
5. The postman ….. (just/deliver) the letters. Here you are, Sam!
6. I ….. (learn) to drive when I ….. (be) 20, but I ….. (never/enjoy) driving.
7. It ….. (rain) since this morning.
8. Mum ….. (buy) a new type of cheese. Do you want to taste it?
9. Luke ….. (not/ride) a motorbike since his accident.
10. I ….. (not/hear) much of Tom lately.
11. What time …. (you/go) to the gym yesterday? I ….. (not/see) you.

Make up 12 sentences using Present Simple, Present Cont., Present Perfect, Past Simple, Past Cont., Past Perfect, Future Simple, Future Cont., Future

Perfect, Present Simple Passive, Past Simple Passive, Future Simple Passive.

Past Simple

1) First put the verbs into the interrogative form of past simple, then match the questions to the answers.

1. What time did you get up (you/get up) this morning?
2. When _______________ (she/move) to London?
3. Why ________________ (he/go) to Paris?
4. Where _______________ (he/see) the film?
5. Whose car ______________ (she/drive) this morning?
6. Who _________________ (they/invite) to dinner?
7. What _________________ (you/have) for lunch?

a. Four years ago _____
b. At the cinema _____
c. Pizza _____
d. At 8 o’clock __1__
e. Jean and Tom _____
f. For a holiday _____
g. Robert’s _____

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