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Напишите пжл эссе на английском языке на любую из тем: 1)Teens can get distracted by gadgets. 2)Technology has taught young people new skills. 3)Gadgets

5-9 класс

make life more enjoyable for teens. 4)Teens can waste a lot of time using technology.

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More recently, mankind have discovered an unexplored world of portable devices with cellular and mobile phones, which have recently become a member to buy a portable acoustics, and the moment any teenager wants to buy a reliable mini-gadget, which can occasionally carry a For example, a portable projector, or Tablet PC. The absence of pile of wires, which were all part of a huge labor abyazatelnym technique distinguishes mobile appliances and increase the demand for it. A relatively new invention is now Video Masks - this is a wonderful accessory that allows you to shoot skiing or football with the best situation and see it all "eyes" of people who were there.

Similarly, the device became popular, so-called video glasses that can replace the monitor, giving the opportunity to see the transfer to the desired location and convenient vremyanaprimer during the holidays. If you are going hiking, be sure to bring your portable gps navigator, which helps you to navigate well in the new location. Moreover, the portable camera will not take up much space in your suitcase, and upon arrival home from a spectacular way, you'll be happy to show photos of friends through a portable projector, which can carry with them, without the practice of setting it in any great location, and show a close account that recorded this Video Masks.

Tablet PC for a short time has found a myriad of adequate feedback from users, has become the gadget with an impressive variety of programs that can be used also as an instrument of navigation. To do so would need a portable gps receiver, ensuring the adoption of the signal sent by satellite. Portable speakers, which is connected to a tablet, to the delight of slzdoet excellent sound, which allows to listen to good music at the right time.


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