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Помогите пожалуста ответить на воросы What is the longest time you have been away from home? Where did you go? How did you feel about your experience?

10-11 класс

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For a long time I was away was a month ago.

I have been to Paris.

This was a conference on the future of profession


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Заполните пропуски правильной грамматической формой глагола to eat. СРОЧНО НАДО!!!!!ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!!!

1.I often ... soup for dinner. 2.Yesterday they ... vegetables for breakfast. 3.What ... you ... now? 4.Wat .... you ... for dinner yesterday? 5.What ... you ... for breakfast tomorrow? 6.He ,,, not .. now, he ... in some minutes. 7. ..... you already ... that watermelon? 8.She always ... sandwiches for breakfast. 9.I ... just ... an apple. 10.What ... she ... in the evening yesterday? 11. As a rule, we ... some fruit in the evening. 12. At the moment, she ... some ice-cream. 13. She ... vegetables every day. 14.We seldom ... cakes. 15. My sister usually ... porridge in the morning. 16.He ... never ... a pineapple . 17. ... you ever ... a pineapple? 18.She ... already ... the soup when we came. 19.We ... the soup in the hour. 20.When ... you ... porridge with milk?

2.Write the guestions.Use: What... like? or like

A:(1)______you______Spain? Did you like Spain?
B:(2)Yes, we liked it very much.
B:It's small so It's easy to find places.
A:(3)______the food?
B:Yes, I did,but I like Italian food.
B:There are a lot of meat,potatoes,and vegetables.
A:(5)______the gountryside_____?
B:It's wonderful.
A:Where did you stay? (6) ______your hotel_____?
B:It was small but nice.

Rewrite correctly. Change the words or phrases in bold.

1 My dad is often getting up late on Saturday mornings. .
2 Are you speaking any other languages apart from English?
3 I already buy all my Christmas presents and it’s only October! .
4 It’s the fi rst time I’m ever having a party at home.
5 Actually, I think Darren does works quite hard sometimes.
6 Carlo is never eating Chinese food before.
7 Sean already books a table for tonight.
8 Needs Melanie any help painting her new flat?

Complete the sentences with There's or There are.

There's a sofa in the living room.
1._____ four cups in the cupboard.
2._____ a clock in the kitchen.
3._____ lots of chairs.
4._____ a garage.
5._____ some pictures on the wall.
6._____ a desk in the study.

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Ответить на вопросы по тексту THE SYSTEM OF LAW IN OUR COUNTRY Law is а system of rules established by the


The main aim of law is to consolidate and safeguard the social and state system and its economic foundation.

The system of law in our country consists of different branches of law.

Constitutional law is a leading branch of the whole system of law. Its principal source is the country’s Constitution. It deals with social structure, the state system, organization of state power and the legal status of citizens.
Administrative law is closely connected with constitutional law but it deals with legal forms of concrete executive and administrative activity of the government and ministries.

Financial law regulates the budget, taxation, state credits and other spheres of financial activity.

Civil law is connected with relations in the economic sphere of social life, with relations involving property, its distribution and exchange. The right в property is the central institution of civil law.

The rules of labour law include the legislation on the labour of industrial and office workers and matters arising from labour relations.

Criminal law defines the general principles of criminal responsibility, individual types of crimes and punishment applied to criminals. Criminal law takes the form of а criminal code consisting of а general and special part.

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1. What is law? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. What is the main aim of law? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. What branches of law does the system of law in our country consist of? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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1. What is the best selling book of all time?

2. What's the real name of the musketeer Atos?
3. Where are the pyramids of Giza?
4. How old is the game of chess?
5. What is the name of the first man in the Bible?
6. What is the largest country on our planet?
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Kyoto Prizes to further stress "moral" achievements The Kyoto Prize is Japans equivalent of the Nobel Prize. The awards are given to individuals or

groups who have made "significant contributions to the progress of science, the development of civilisation, and the enrichment and elevation of the human spirit." The sponsor of the Prizes is the Inamori Foundation, founded in 1984 by Kazuo Inamori, a successful businessman in ceramics and electronics. The prize is similar to the Nobel Prize, but more inclusive as it acknowledges Arts and Philosophy, as well as Advanced Technology and Basic Science. Unlike the Nobel Prize, however, it is never given to corporations. Every November, three winners of the Kyoto Prizes receive a diploma, a gold watch and 50 million yen. The prizes are given to scientists, philosophers and even filmmakers. In 2001, the Russian laureate, Zhores Ivanovich Alferov, won the Kyoto Prize for Advanced Technology for his work with semiconductor lasers at room temperature. He developed an efficient low cost technology that improves communication equipment from fibre-optic networks to personal DVD players. In 2006, the Prize for Arts and Philosophy went to the fashion designer, Issey Miyake, for "creating clothing that can become a part of peoples lives, cutting across time, national borders, and classes." Inamori has criticised modern culture for ignoring our emotional and spiritual development and feels that more recognition should be given to those who work for the common good. "Today we are rushing ahead with incredible scientific and technological achievements, while understanding of our emotional and psychological development lags behind badly," he says. "It is my hope that the Kyoto Prizes will encourage balanced development of both our scientific and our spiritual sides." Inamori worries that people are losing their old models of morality and ethics based on religion. But he believes that if we use our intelligence properly, we can create a* new way of thinking, one that does not add to human suffering. He has now given the Inamori Foundation 70 billion Yen, which he hopes will help to recognise people who contribute to this process.помогите ответить на вопросы What is the founder of the prize? What do we know about him? What is purprose of the Kyoto Prize? How many people have been awarded the prize? Who are they? How does the founder of the prize explain the idea behind it? Who were the prize laureates in 2001? What achievement did the get the prize for?

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of the subjects is more difficult: physics or mathematics?

4. Who is the tallest in your group?

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1. Для меня самый сложный предмет английский

2. Для меня самый простой информатика

3. Для меня физика сложнее математики

4. В нашей группе самым высоким является Иванников Сергей

5. Для меня самый интересный предмет информатика

6. Английский для меня сложнее математики

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