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Model:Germany / Canada / China (big) —

5-9 класс

Germany is big. China is bigger. Canada is the biggest.

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1. The Volga is long. The Irtysh is longer. The Thames is the longest.
2. A village is big. A town is bigger. A city is the biggest.
3. A car is fast. A train is faster. A plane is the fastest.
4. Japan is small. Spain is smaller. Belgium is the smallest.


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Complete the sentences with the correct words.

1My favourite s... is spring because it is so beautiful.
2The c... of Britain is London.
3The p... of the USA is about 300 million.
4The w... is not very nice today – it's rainy and cold.
5There are eight n... full of animals and plants in our country.
6I live in the n... of the country but the biggest cities are in the south.
7The highest m... is 4200 metres high.
8Our country has a very nice climate. It isn't too hot in the s... and it isn't too cold in the .
2 a, on, the, -
Complete the text with a, an, the or -.
This country is in Europe. It is ___ big country. ___ capital is in the centre of ___ country and the population is about fort-six million. The people have __ lunch in the afternoon. It is the biggest meal of the day. They usually eat at ___ home but, in big cities, they can't always do this. They often have ___ snack before dinner because they have ___ dinner quite late, at 9 p.m. or later. ___ snack is called 'La Merienda'. They often eat ___ bread with ham or cheese. What is the country? Spain.
3 Nationalities
Make nationalities from the countries below and put them in the correct column of the table.
-an -ish -ese other endings

4 someone, everyone, anyone, no one etc.
Complete the sentences with the correct words.
1I want to go ___ nice this summer.
2We woke up in the middle of the night and heard ___ walking around in the living room.
3I'm bored. I haven't got ___ to talk to.
4My phone rang but, when I answered, there was ___ there.
5There's ___ important I want to tell you.
6They didn't have vegetarian food so I didn't have ___ to eat.
7My first day of school was great. ___ was very kind.

In your exercise books fill in the table with adjectives from the text.

England - English
France -
Germany -
Rassia -
China -
Japan -
Spain -
Italy -
Turkey -
Необходимо срочное решение. Помогите кто может:)


Ask your classmates questions beginning with "Which is...?" and let them answer these questions.Use the ideas below and your own ideas.
1.a kangaroo,a horse,a cheetah (fast)
2.English,French,China (widely spoken)
3.the Nile,the Volga,the Mississippi (long)
4.the Arctic Ocean,the Atlantic Ocean,the Pacific Ocean (big)
5.the Tower of London,St Paul's Cathedral,the National Gallery (old)
6.a Volga,a Ford,a Rolls-Royce (expensive)
7.English grammar,English pronunciation,English spelling (difficult for you)
8.Italy,Norway,Germany (cold/warm)
9.Moscow,St Petersburg,Tula (populated)
10.a hot climate,a cold climate,a mild climate (healthy)

B.Use the same ideas and make up more questions on the models that follow. Ask yor classmates to answer these question/
Model 1: Is Chine as large as Canada?
Model 2: Is Chine larger or smaller than Canada?
Model 3: Is English less popular than Chinese?

помогите с переводом!!!Young people overseas are generally positive about the UK, especially its economical development and a high standart of

living. 66 per cent of them believe that Britain's reputation in the arts is based more on the past than the present. The area of British culture where people had the most knowledge was pop music and film. 81 per cent of the people consider that Britain exports good services. Britain is recognized as a big industrial country. 76 per cent of the people consider that there is a high educational standart which the English are associated with. 58 per cent of the people believe that qualifications from the UK are respected by most employees. 28 per cent of the young people consider the British media to be more truthful than the media in other countries surveyed. Though 62 per cent of those asked agree that Britain has a big reputation for scientific and technological achievements, the UK was ranked well behind the United States, Japan and Germany. 65 per cent of people questioned agree that the UK is a good model of democratical government.

Люди, помогите, пожалуйста!!!Я вас очень прошу!ПОЖАЛУСТА! пример: 0) In 1989, Canada joined the

Organisatinion of American States.

a member

Since1989, Canada has been a member of the Organisation of American States.

1)Canada is one of world's wealthiest countries with strong democratic traditions.



2)Canada is one of the leading mineral producers in the world.



3)A large proportion of Canada's mineral production goes abroad.



4) Its main trading partners are America, China, and Japan.



5) Canada is also connected with the EEC and other traditional European trading nations.



6) Canada joined the United Nations in 1945.



7) Canadian culture has been influenced by British, French and American cultures and traditions very much.


British, French and American cultures and traditions_________________________________________________________.

8) The country is highly developed in the areas of health, education, social protection and human rights.


The country___________________________________________________.

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