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Переведиие пожалуйста!!

5-9 класс

Тем кто переведет дам 20 пунктов!!!!

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гугл переводчик в помощь))


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Fill in the blanks putting the verbs into their correct form. Cook, go, eat, swim, dance, want, play, spend. 1.My mother usually _____ roast turkey for

supper. 2.I always ____ with my friend. 3.Sam often ____ for a walk in the park. 4.We usually _____ in the sea in Italy. 5.Jack sometimes ____ ice-cream after school. 6.They _____ to go to france. 7.My good friend ____the piano very well. 8.He ____a lot of money every month. СРООООЧНО ПОМОГИИТЕ, ЗАРАНИЕ СПАСИБО!!!!

Пожалуйста помогите #2!!


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Переведите пожалуйста качественно. Не переводите через онлайн переводчики. Сделайе так чтобы перевод был качественным со всеми правилами

русского языка! The upcoming Skyfall was known as "Bond 23 " prior to the announcement of the movies name, because it will be the 23rd in the series-sort of . In the 50 years from Dr.No to Skyfall, 23 James Bond movies will have been released by Eon Productions, the company founded in 1961 by Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman.

That doesn`t mean there haven`t been other movies. Bond first appeared onscreen in 1954 television version of Casino Royale, a spy movie spoof, was released in 1967 by a man who had purchased the rights to the book but didn`t want to complete with Eon. It starred Bond girl Ursula Andress , Peter Sellers , Orson Welles and young Woody Allen as " Jimmy Bond ". Another notable non-Eon Bond movie was 1983`s Sean Connery vehicle and Thunderball copycat Never Say Never Again , which opened just a few moths after Octopussy .Переведите пожалуйста качественно. Не переводите через онлайн переводчики. Сделайе так чтобы перевод был качественным со всеми правилами русского языка!

Переведите, пожалуйста, текст на английский язык. Только не просто вбейте в переводчик и мне сюда перевод, а нормально.

В начале лета я вместе с братом поехала в деревню к тёте и дедушке. Там я помогала тёте убираться и готовить еду. Дедушке я помогала работать в саду. Но ещё я там очень хорошо отдохнула. В свободное время мы вместе с братом и тётей гуляли в степи и в лесу, иногда ходили на речку.
В июле я поехала к сестре в гости. Мы вместе с ней ходили в бассейн и на пруд. Катались на велосипедах и роликах, а по вечерам гуляли по городу.
Весь август я была дома, но каждый вечер я ходила с подругой играть в теннис. Иногда мы с ней ездили плавать на пруд и ходили на пикники.
Я довольна своими каникулами, но расстроилась, что они так быстро кончились.

И ещё вот это переведите, пожалуйста (не обязательно)

Всё лето я сидела дома и играла в компьютерные игры.

Переведите пожалуйста. НО НЕ В ПЕРЕВОДЧИКЕ,

Я знаю какой там перевод,т.к. если вы захотите меня обмануть и отослать мне никуда не годящийся перевод,то я подам на вас нарушение . Вот,переведите этот текст пожалуйста :
There was an old man of Hungary ,
Who was always thirsty and hungry ;
When he came for a visit ,
He ate all his friends' biscuits ,
And they finally sent him to Hungary .

СРОЧНО!! ПОМОГИТЕ!! ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!! УМОЛЯЮЮЮ!!! Переведите пожалуйста, и ответье на вопросы!! Rob's story Part 2 What's the matter with you? The next day

I opened my eyes and saw the soldier. He was in bed and his face was very pale. He had a very bad cough too. "What's the matter with you?" I asked, "Have you got a cold?" "I don't know," said the soldier, "but I have a headache and a sore thoat." I wanted to call the doctor and tried to open the door but I couldn't. I looked out of the window and couldn't belive my eyes. All the people from our house were in the street. They closed the door to the house. "Please help us! The soldier is ill," I cried. "If you go out, you'll kill us. It's the plague," they answered and ran away. At they moment I understood everything. I wasn't in Russia, and it wasn't a game. But how did I get to the Edinburgh of hundreds of years ago? Was I mag? Was it a bad dream? I didn't know the answer. I looked at the soldier. He was real. I touched his forehead. His temperature was high - that was real too. " If I don't help him, he'll die. And I'll die too," I thought and opened my rucksack. There were a lot of medicines in my rucksack. I had an aspirin, some nose drops and some cough syrup. I gave my medicine to the soldier. " If you don't have the plague, my medicine will help you. You must stay in bed and drink a lot of water, " I said to him. Two days later the soldier was better. It wasn't the plague. It was flu. But when I told him about it, he didn,t believe me. "You have some secret medicine and you can cure any disease," he said. " I must go back to London tomorrow. If you come with me, I'll do anything for you." The soldier and I went to London. His name was Phillip and he wasn't a bad man. The road to London was long and difficult, but finally we got there. Вопросы переведите и ответье на ни, пожалуйста!! Умоляю)) 1) How did the soldier look in the morning? 2) Why were the people scared? 3) What did Rob understand? 4) What happened to the soldier? 5) How did Rob help him? 6) Did the soldier die?

переведите на русский пожалуйста: on october 31, the people living in the Lake View Estates realised that the flames were getting very close. the

y saw that the firefighter were helpless as the wind blew the flames in their direction. the lucky ones grabbed a few important things, rushed to their cars and drove away before the flames were too close.

one family, however, waited too long. when they tried to drive to a nearby reservoir, they were trapped in the flames and died in their car.

the fire burned for more than a week and then it got colder, fog rolled in from the ocean and the flame died.

experts say that there have been forest fires for thousands of years. when it is very dry in California and a hot wind blows out of the desert, a burning cigarette that someone has thrown away may be a terrible fire.

переведите пожалуйста сами, без переводчиков онлайн

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