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5-9 класс

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2 How often does Jane buy new clothes?
3 Whose desk is this?
4 Are you going to this party?
5 How long is it from your house to the cinema?  


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переведите текст, только переводите сами.

Londoners love their parks and are proud of them. London is very rich in parks and gardens. You can spend the whole day in the country - without

Какое лишние слово?

English, German, Russian , Britain , Italian , French .

Плиз помогите очень надо!!! Change the sentences. Use the past simple and a suitable time expression. 1) We ccan talk to you


2) I am hot at home in the evening.

3) Mary translates from English into Russian without any mistakes

4) He invites every body to his birthday party every year.

5) Some people in our class eat ace cream for breakfast.

6) The usally listens to very loud music.

7) He always tries to help everybody.



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You have received a letter from your
English-speaking pen friend Emma.

...My grandmother’s birthday is in two days but
I haven’t found any present for her yet.
It’s so difficult to find a good present for someone you really love!...

решите по примеру - i can not buy this pair of shoes . They are not my size. if the shoes were my size , i would buy them 1) I c

an not wear this coat . it is out of fashion.


2) I do not wear this shirt . It does not match my trousers .


3) He does not put on that cap , It does not suit him.


4) I can not put on this cardigan . It is too tight .


5) I have to take a raincoat . It is going to rain .


6) He is short . he can not afford to wear shoulder-padded suits .



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номер 15 и 19
заранеее большое спасибо ;)

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