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Помогите написать про любую страну, остров или город и чем он славится

10-11 класс

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Saint-Petersburg City is very young, but it is not called an open-air Museum of Saint-Petersburg sights attract millions of tourists from all over the world. Petersburg is famous for its palaces, temples, architectural ensembles, parks and monuments. The city on the banks of the Neva River, which feeds many watercourses, so St. Petersburg called the Venice of the North.  Area of Saint-Petersburg is about 606 sq.ft. km, of which 10 percent is an area of inland waters. Famous attractions are the numerous bridges, which are more than 300, and lined with granite embankments of rivers and canals with delicate walls.  Since its founding, St.-Petersburg became known as the cultural capital of Russia. Here at Peter I opened the first museum in the country, the first public library, the first Observatory.  Today there are more than 100 artistic, scientific, historical museums.  The doors of many famous theatres are always open for residents and visitors.  On our site you will find reliable information about the sights of Saint-Petersburg. Learn the schedule of major museums and theatres. Interactive map, which has information, articles, help you easily determine the location of attractions in the historic centre of Saint Petersburg.

Ошибок море, но я только учусь..


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Очень надо!

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(18-20 предложений) про одну любую страну

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