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Put in articles where necessary:

5-9 класс

1. He was ... courage and force of his father.
2. ... Tom could not utter ... word.
3. He asked ... permission to keep ... book ... little longer.
4. I am almost sure of ... pronunciation of this word,but to be on ... safe side let us consult ... dictionary
5. Today is ... first of May.
6.It was ... love at ... first sight
7.Add ... carrot or two and it will taste much better
8. ... mother knows such things by ... instict.
9. This is ... right explanation
10. What ... nice weather!
11. ... English are proud of their country and that ... English language is spoken all over ... world.
12. Every morning I listen to ... radoi,but I don't like to watch ... TV so early.
13. My mother wants me to play ...,but I want to buy ... guitar
14. ... Hyde Park is ... very large park in London.
15. Have you ever seen ... film at ... Embassy cinema?
16.I don't like to have ... animals in my flat.
17. ... war between these two countries was ... longest in history.
18. On ... way home I saw ... terrible fire. Luckily ... fire brigade soon came and put out ... fire.
19. I didn't expect to see him here. He was ... last person I wanted to see.
20. I didn't knows ... answer to this question.

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Какая тема хоть, слова какие? А то "Он был ... мужество и силу отца..


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