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Think of a person in your family , or your dest friend and descride him or her: 1. Iam going to describe my... 2.He/She is...and.. .

5-9 класс

3.He/She has got... hair and his/her eyes are...

4 He/She is ...(characteristics).

5.He/She likes...

6.We often /// together

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I am going to describe my best friend. He is very clever and cool. I think, he is very funny. He has got black hair and his eyes are brown. He is curious, clever funny and open-hearted. He likes music and roller skates. We often go for walks together.


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исправте ошибки (граматические) в предложениях : 1. The Williams usually have three meals a day . 2.He often goes to

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3. I have not bought the ticket yesterday .


1)do you need____help with your work
2)it's cold.don't open___windows.
3)i need___information about trains to kyiv.
d)a few
4)i want___glass of water.

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1.With whom in your family do you have a lot in common? Whats that?

2.do you have the same friends?
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