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5-9 класс

Read the advertisement.Ask 5 questions adout the dog.
We are a big rescue home for homeless dogs.Today we are looking for a new home for a very nice dog.Its a Labrador.Give him a home and he will be your friend.

Ekaterina7775 10 окт. 2015 г., 18:04:32 (8 лет назад)
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10 окт. 2015 г., 18:49:27 (8 лет назад)

Если 5 вопросов о собаке,то
1)what tipes of dog do you prefer?
2)what kind of food the dog like?
3)haw old is dog?
4)how mach does it coast to provide the Labrador?
5)do you promose that this dog will be live in good condition?


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