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Помогите пожалуйста Найти ошибки в предложении и исправить их. find the mistakes and correct them 1. It was Monday tomorrow. 2. John and Harry shaii be

10-11 класс

at school. 3. They has two lessons of Maths. 4. The teacher is giving a test. 5. After that their class had sports on the sports-ground. 6. The boys play football. 1. will be вместо was 2. ? 3. ? 4. ? 5. ? 6.?

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1.It  will be monday tomorrow.2.John and Harry sholl be at school.3.They had two lessons of maths.4.The teacher is giving a test...это предложение правильное)...After that their class will have a sport on the sports-ground,5.The boys will be play football.

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1. It will be (потому что будущее время) Monday tomorrow.


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1,She looked at me (angry, angrily) and told me to leave the room.

2,At last the librarian _________ (to give) me the book which I _______________________(to wait) for during two months. I was very glad. I __________ (to go) home and ______________ (to begin) reading it at last.
3,Many American programs _____________________ (to show) on British television.
4,If you _______ (to be) at home now, we wouldn’t have to worry about (anything/something).
5,When we were young we ……..…. (used to/would) spend (every/each) summer on the beach. We …………. (used to/would) swim, sunbathe, catch crabs.

You ______________________________ (should, have to/ disconnect) the computer yesterday.

Помогите с пересказом текста. Текст перевел легко. Но надо еще пересказ а я понятия не имею как его делать.Помогите пожалуйста

The United States of America is the fourth largest country in the world (after Russia, Canada, and China). It occupies the southern part of North America and stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. It also includes Alaska in the north and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. The total area of the country is about nine and a half million square kilometres. The USA borders on Canada in the north and on Mexico in the south. It also has a seaboarder with Russia.
The USA is made up of 50 states and the District of Columbia where the capital of the country, Washington, is situated. The population of the country is about 250 million.
If we look at the map of the USA, we can see lowlands and mountains. The highest mountains are the Rocky Mountains, the Cordillera, and the Sierra Nevada. The highest peak is Mount McKinley, which is located in Alaska.
America's largest rivers are the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Rio Grande, and the Columbia. The Great Lakes on the border with Canada are the largest and deepest in the USA.
The climate of the country varies greatly. The coldest regions are in the north. The climate of Alaska is arctic. The climate of the central part of the country is continental. The south has subtropical climate. Hot winds blowing from the Gulf of Mexico often bring typhoons. The climate along the Pacific coast is much warmer than that of the Atlantic coast.
The USA is a highly developed industrial country. It is the leading producer of copper and oil and the worlds second producer of iron ore and coal. On the industrial enterprises of the country they produce aircrafts, cars, textiles, radio and television sets, weapon, furniture, and paper.
Though mainly European and African in origin, the Americans are made up from nearly all races and nations, including the Chinese and the native Americans — Indians.
The largest cities are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, San Francisco, and others.
The United States is a federal republic consisting of 50 states, each of which has its own government. The seat of the central (federal) government is Washington, D. C. According to the Constitution of the USA, the powers of the government are divided into 3 branches: the executive, headed by the President, the legislative, exercised by the Congress, and the juridical. The Congress consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. There are two main political parties in the USA: the Republican and the Democratic.

Переведите пожалуйста на английский язык: Наша компания была создана 2 года назад. Наш офис находится в Москве. Мы рекламируем свою продукцию через

телевидение. В нашей компании мы разговариваем на английском языке. Наш главный потребитель на рынке-это обычные люди.

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Помогите, надо найти ошибку в предложения: 1.each kidney is a small tube thar carries blood from the renal pelvis to the urinary bladder 2.urea is a white

water-soluble compound produced by fat metabolism and excreted in sweat 3.the auxiliary function of the urinary system is to rid the body of necessary products that accumulate as a result of cellular metabolism 4. The final passageway for the flow of fluid is a thin-walled glomerulus called the urethra 5. The lungs are the organs that filter the blood and absorb the wastes

Помогите пожалуйста исправить ошибки в английском

тексте. Я написала сочинение, но я плохо знаю английский, поэтому в моём
тексте могут быть ошибки, помогите пожалуйста проверить это!!! Заранее
My best and memorable day in my life is
considered the new year! On the eve of my always covers the strange
feeling that something needs to happen and joyful magical. Throughout
the festive atmosphere , all selected beautiful Christmas tree, buy
different fruits , sweets, prepare gifts for loved ones.

We begin
preparing for the holiday in advance. Clean the house , decorate the
Christmas tree ,Decorate the room with balls, garlands, beautiful toys.
Mom always cooks for the holiday table something unusual and very tasty.
I try not to sleep time of arrival of the new year under the chiming
clock . After the final blow on the street fireworks begins, which can
last for an hour! We usually have fun, hold various contests , dance,
sing . It's really fun!

Especially good when New Year's Eve worth
frosty snowy weather. In windows of all the houses flashing colored
lights . Celebrating and having fun .Apparently, due to the fact that
the New Year a general holiday , celebrate it so fun!

Помогите, пожалуйста найти по одной ошибке и исправить в каждом предложении! Find a mistake in the following statements and correct it. There is

only one mistake in each sentence.
1.School dinners provide children with their only cold meal of the day.
2.The Schools Meal Review Panel has recommended forbidding children's choices.
3.New school dinners will include 2 portions of fruit and fish per day.
4.Type II diabetes, usually found in overweight adults, is now appearing in babies.
5. New and upgraded dining room facilities will be a priority through the multi-billion pound Building Schools for the Future program.
6. Children should have an easy access to fresh fruit.
7. The panel has suggested that all children be taught food preparation and practical eating skills in school in the context of healthy eating.

Помогите пожалуйста!!!!!! Очень срочно!!!!!!!!!!!

Найти и исправить ошибки в предложениях.
1. I lives in a small homes.
2. My dog are blac.
3. A girl like milk.
4. A boy musts go.
5. They has ten pencil.
6. His friend cans swim and ran.

Правильно ли составлены фразы в этом тексте?

Many people will feel as I do, that the world is a poorer place without him. Our sincere condolences to family and close friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this sad time.

Помогите, пожалуйста, найти и исправить ошибки.

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