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в пассивный залог))пожалуйста помогите

10-11 класс

1 someone left a note on the desk
2 they didn`t send the telegram
3 some people saw him walking down the hill
4 someone was repairing your car this morning
5 where did they see him for the last time?
6 how many times did he shoot the President?
7 they perfomeed "hamlet" at the Palladim?
8 someone took him to hospital
9 nobody has used this room for years
10 can you do it by next Tuesday?
11 where did they take John?
12 when will they sign the contract?
13 they found the lock broken
14 we heard nothing about in for years
15 someone warned him not to swim

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1. A note was left on the desk.
2. The telegram wasn't sent by them.
3. He was seen walking down the hill by some people.
4. Your car was being repaired this morning.
5. Where was he seen for the last time by them?
6. How many times was the president shot by him?
7. "Hamlet" was performed at the Palladim by them.
8. He was taken to the hospital.
9. This room hasn't been used for years.
10. Can it be done by next Tuesday?
11. Where was John taken?
12. When will the contract be signed?
13. The lock was found broken by them.
14. Nothing was heard about it for years.
15. He was warned not to swim.


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Срочно! Помогите ! Вставить надо

8 Read Tim’s e-mail to his friend Dave. Choose the best word or phrase (A, B or C) for each gap.

Hi _C_, Dave. How 1 ___? Hope your exams went better than mine. I’m sure I’ve failed most of them.
Anyway, the big news is that our band came second in the competition. 2 ___! The winning band was awesome and they were friendly, too. The girl vocalist is really cool but I think she’s going out with the drummer. 3 ___? Anyway, we exchanged e-mail addresses. I definitely want to meet 4 ___ her again.
How did your birthday party go? Did your parents let you 5 ___ it at your house? And did you 6 ___ them go out for the evening? Tell me all about it.
Well, I must stop now and get 7 ___ some homework.
E-mail me soon,

A here B you C there
1 A is it B are things C does everything go
2 A Can’t you imagine B You can imagine C Imagine that
3 A Typical, isn’t it B Don’t you think so C Just my thing, isn’t it
4 A up at B to C up with
5 A to have B having C have
6 A suggest B make C ask
7 A down to B on C into

1. fill in : flight , chilly , handicrafts, appalling ,delayed , luggage , backpacking , cottage , craftsmen , accommodation


1. Our holiday ........ was absolutely ....... .

2. We stayed in a beautiful little ........ by the sea .

3. Airlines sometimes lose passengers' ............ .

4. After my exams, I 'm going ........ around Europe .

5. We arrived late at the resort as our ........ was ......... .

6. Take your coat - it 's quite ........ outside .

7. .......... selll ........ along the streets in Bhaktapur .

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Нужны глаголы поставить в правильное время,в скобках оно уже указано. Надеюсь на помощь! времена обозначены - Pr I,F I, P I, P C, F P, P P,PR P и.т.д.
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1) In summer our family always (to go) for rest to the Crimea. (Pr I)
2) She ( to check) your test at the moment. ( Pr C)
3) My uncle (to phone) me after he ( to return) home, tomorrow (P C)
4)Mozard (to write) more than 600 pieces of music ( P I)
5)This delegation (not to come) in 3 days because of bad weather (F I)
6)Who ( to take) my pen yesterday? (P I)
7)They (to build) many new houses in our town this year (Pr P)
8)John (to sit) in a cafe when I (to see) him last week (P C)
9)She (to publish) her new article next year ( F I)
10) My friend ( to go) to the university by the tome I (to come) ( F P , P P)
11)We never ( to hear) this story from my father (Pr P)
12)He called me up while I (to have) dinner ( P C)
13)Yesterday I ( to buy) a new watch as I (to lose) my old one ( P I, P P)
14)I'm afraid it (to rain) all day tomorrow (F C)
15)I am tired to walk home , I think I (to take) a taxi (F I)
16) Yesterday while she (to cook) the dinner, Sam (to watch) TV. (P C)
17) We (to finish) our report by 11 o'clock the day after tomorrow (F P)
18)They will go for a walk if the weather (to be) fine. (Pr I)
19)She usually (to do) her homework at home, but now she (to do) it at the library (Pr I, Pr C)
20) the Earth (to go) round the Sun (Pr I)
21)Last Saturday after our work, we (to go) to the cafe.
22)Next week my sister (to go) on a voyage across The Mediterranean Sea
23) Yesterday I (to write) my report on physics the whole evening
24) My friend (not to play) the piano, he (to play) the violin.
25) We (to do) this work next week, when we (to finish) our project (F I, Pr I)
26)You (to go) to the dentist often or seldom? (Pr I)
27)Our neighbour (to live) here for many years (Pr P C)
28) All day tomorrow I (to prepare) for the test(F C)
29) It was warm , so I (to take) off my coat (P I)
30)They ( to make) a number of important experiments in this laboratory last year (P I)
31)Why you ( to ask) him about his holidays last time? (P I)
32) She ( not to give) him her address till she ( to know) him better (F I, Pr I)
33) 5 minutes ago my little brother (to be) here and now he (to play) in the yard. (P I , Pr C)
34)It was hard carrying the bags, They (to be) very heavy (P I)
35)She ( to make) already coffee when we ( to enter) the kitchen. (P P, PI)
36) The builders (to finish) their work in time, if the weather (to be) good. (F I, Pr I)
37) They ( to correct) the dictation by the next lesson? (F P)
38) They (not to invite) her to the party yesterday ( P I)
39) Nick ( to fall) down the stairs this morning and (to break) his leg. (PI)
40) I (to translate) this text tomorrow, if you(to bring) me your new dictionary.(FI)

IV. Пассивный залог Упражнение 1. Измените предложения. Поставив

глагол в пассивном залоге

The gardener has planted some trees. Some trees have been planted by the gardener. Doctor Brown will give you some advice. ____________________________________________________________________ A famous designer redecorates the hotel. ____________________________________________________________________ Steven Spielberg directed this film. ____________________________________________________________________ Someone has broken the crystal vase. ____________________________________________________________________ Flaming discovered penicillin. ____________________________________________________________________ They will advertise the product on television. ____________________________________________________________________ They often remake films ____________________________________________________________________ You must leave the bathroom tidy. ____________________________________________________________________ You should water the plant daily. ____________________________________________________________________ I have to return these books to the library. ____________________________________________________________________ He gave me a present. ____________________________________________________________________ The waiter will bring the bill _____________________________________________________________________

Пожалуйста помогите, срочно нужно, дам

за это 20 баллов!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))))))))))))) В В своей речи «о судьях» Чацкий
разоблачает старое поколение, которое не принесло никакой пользы Родине, только грабило государство, богатело за счет друзей и родственников, проводило свои дни раздольно, заботясь лишь о высоких чинах, званных обедах и многочисленных визитах. Главный герой видит смысл жизни в служении народу, высказывает неприязнь в отношении крепостного права, что отразилось в его воспоминаниях о крепостном театре, о «Несторе негодяев знатных», обменявшем своих верных слуг на трёх борзых собак, о распроданных крепостных детях, отобранных у родителей. Чацкий является гуманистом, защищает свободу и независимость личности, право выбирать себе занятие: путешествовать, «вперить ум» в науки или посвятить себя «искусствам творческим, высоким и прекрасным». Он утверждает прогрессивные идеи, уважение к национальному языку и культуре, к просвещению. Произнося свою речь, Чацкий выступает от всего поколения, которое хочет изменить предрассудки старого общества.
1.чем вызван данный маналог
2.какие темы затронуты в нем
3.какие у взгляды убеждение героев влеваються в этом маналоге
4.какого психологического состояние персонажа в дн. момент, как оно выражается
5.с какой целью введен драматургом в этом маналоге
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Помогите!!! Переделайте активный залог в пассивный 1) She took a long time to write the composition. but at last she wrote it. 2)

Why weren't you at the birthday party? - They didn't invite me.

3) We shall leave you behind of you are not quick.

4) I don't think we shall do all this work today: there is too much of it.

5) Don't leave these sweets on the table: somebody will eat them.

Перевести пассивный залог в активный

1. Invitations have been sent to all the old pupils to be present at the schools thirtieth anniversary

2. The work was finished in time.

3. This book must be read by every student.

4. Spartan children were taught by their parents to endure all hardships.


1.Новые коньки купят завтра

2. Мишу попросят рассказать о своём путешествии.

3. Доктора попросят вылечить меня

4. Завтра принесут новый фильм 5. Моему другу помогут с немецким.

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