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Дайте пожалуйста перевод данных предложений : 1.We often agree with each other 2.We sometimes fall out over the smallest

10-11 класс


3.Once my best friend and i had a big flight but we made up that some day

4. We always stick together in any situation

5. We are unhappy on weekends because we miss each other

6.When i upset my best friend.I feel ashamed of myself

7. My best friend is never mean to anybody

Помогите пожалуйста!

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Мы часто соглашаемся с друг другом.Иногда мы ссоримся из-за пустяков.Однажды мой лучший друг и я сильно поссорились,но мы  и помирились  сразу же.Мы всегда держимся вместе в любой ситуации.Мы несчастны по выходных,потому что мы скучаем за друг другом.Когда я расстроила свою лучшую подружку,мне было стыдно.Моя лучшая подружка всегда щедра ко всем.


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пожалуйста.. срочно..

-Why you (take) the carpets down? You (paint) the walls?
-No, I (take) the carpets to the cleaner's

помогите, пожалуйста, переделать в косвенную речь. 1. George "I'm so scared. I'm not going to pass it!" 2. Maria "I

quite like tests because the classroom is always so quiet and it helps to concentrate and do your best!"

3. Denis "I had my exams all last week, and it was so stressful."

4. Nelly "I'm just enjoying myself. I'm never worried before the exam."

5. Anna "I think it's good to have exams. Sometimes it's a nice surprise to see that I've done better than I expected."

6. Chris "I've just finished Maths and have already started revising for my next tests."

Переведите пожалуйста

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In summertime, off ___________________________ eastern coast of Canada near Newfoundland, humpback whales gather in large groups, or "schools" as they are called often "singing" to each other and making jumps out of the water. However, if you (to be) ___________________________ a humpback whale, you would have a problem. Today these playful and friendly whales (to catch) ___________________________ in the nets of fishermen who would prefer to save them if they could. Jon Lien and his assistants have been helping to free whales ___________________________ nets since 1998. More than 600 whales (to release) ___________________________up to now. In an interview Jon stated that recently our government (to agree) ___________________________ that the rescue of whales was ___________________________ issue that should be discussed at the international level. But, unfortunately, today some countries, like Japan, (to have) ___________________________ a different view on the protection of whales. Today scientists wish that the government (to finance) ___________________________ the production of "whale alarms" that would tell fishermen where the whales were so that the fishermen could avoid the area when they go fishing. (Although/Consequently/For instance/On the other hand) ___________________________, fishermen wouldn't lose thousands of dollars' worth of nets and fish, and the whales would be saved.

Помогите ответить на письмо, пожалуйста. I love everyone in my family and they are very nice to me. However, there is something that troubles me

a lot and makes me feel a kind of disadvantaged. The point is that there is no sense of family in our house. We never fight with each other, and there are no family rows. We try not to get on each other's nerves, but we never do anything together. Everyone is preoccupied with their own business. Mum normally does some cooking, looks through some papers or discusses something with her collegues on the phone. Dad either watches TV or upgrades his car. My brother, who is eight, draws something or plays computer games. As for me, I just feel bored and lonely. To conceal it I pretend to be very busy with my homework, or go out even when I don't feel like doing it at all. Is it the same in other families? If you happen to have some ideas on how to help us. I'd really appreciate it. What could we do together to feel that we are together.

Нужно ответить на это письмо, используя предложения ниже, их нужно закончить.

doing something together is crucial to family happiness...

from my personal experience i can say that...

i can honestly say...

it can be interesting to different generations...

to involve everyone in...

i suppose everyone will enjoy...

why dont you arrange...

you can try...

it will give you a feeling...

if it doesn't work...

Change the sentences from Direct Speecg into reported Speech. Пожалуйста, помогите)))

3. He told "They will experiment on different objects".
4. He told "The formula is quite correct".
5. They were surprised "She does not know how to take temperature".
6. He said "The signal travels in a straight line".
7. She told "The people are moving in the opposite directions".
8. Mary said "The article will be published in a lot of journals".
9. The teacher noted "These are many significant facts in this article".
10. They said "They have brought a stone from the Moon".
11. He promised "I will answer all your questions".
12. They said "He suggested a new idea but we did not accept it".
13. She noted "I have read this article several times".
14. They say "he is holding something in his hand".
15. He adds "I have not solved this problem yet".
16. She told "They agreed with each other on a lot of problem".
17. They said "One of the observers is sitting in the train".
18. They added "Tom is eager to visit Moscow museums".
19. She saya "They improved the design of the device".
20. He answered "We have made all the experiments".
21. He said "I will do all the work in time".
22. The teacher said "You did not answer the question".
23. She told "He brought a new device and gave it to me".
24. He saya "I am doing an important experiment".
25. He promised "I will write a formula".
26. She added "We constructed the device and we can use it".

помогите определить время глаголов

We have many relatives in our city.
We had reached the house when it began to rain.
We are going to have a History class today instead of a Biology class.(и можно, пожалуйста перевод этого предложения)

Помогите, пожалуйста с переводом текста..

Have you ever walked through a busy street market? People push their way through crowds of others in order to reach the stalls first. The air is full of deafening shouts. Stall owners yell to advertise their goods. Buyers cry out their orders. It's hard to imagine, but behind this noisy confusion is a very logical economic theory: the market economy. The market economy is sometimes called the free market. A free market is not controlled in any way by a government. It is also free from the influence of custom or tradition. In a free market, the only reason why things are bought and sold is because there is a demand for them. Prices for goods and services are simply what people are prepared to pay. The market economy is not really controlled by anyone. It controls itself. The street market where we began has many of the characteristics of the free market. Customers arrive at the market with a shopping list of things they need. They also come with an idea of how much they are prepared to pay. Stall owners sell what customers demand, and try to get the highest price they can for it. Supply and demand control what is on the market and how much it sells for. In the wider economy, we are all4 customers, and the stall owners are like companies. The role of the company in the free market is to supply what people want. However, companies need an incentive. The incentive is profit. There are two ways for companies to make a profit. The first way is to raise their prices. The second way is to reduce their production costs. And this brings us to two more features of the market economy: competition and technology. Competition exists in a free market because, theoretically, anyone can be a producer. This means that companies have to compete with each other for a share of the market. Competition is good for consumers because it helps to control prices and quality. If customers aren't happy with a product or service, or if they can't afford it, they will go to a competitor. Technology exists in a free market because producers need ways to reduce their costs. They cannot buy cheaper raw materials. Instead, they must make better use of time and labour. Technology is the use of tools and machines to do jobs in a better way. This helps companies produce more goods in less time and with less effort. The result: more profit. People often think that most economies are free markets. However, at the macroeconomic level, a truly free market economy does not exist anywhere in the world. This is because all governments set limits in order to control the economy. Some governments set many limits, other governments set very few, but they all set some. For this reason, a true market economy is only theoretical. Nevertheless, many of the features of the market economy do exist in most societies today.

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