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Помогите!writing!!!По вопросам!СПАСИБОЧКИ)

5-9 класс

Saschka123 23 нояб. 2014 г., 1:45:23 (6 лет назад)
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I'm fine, thank you.

I will paying in football

I want came to Italy and America


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Помогите плизз: Сделайте по примеру: I am 10. My elder brother is 14.

I am four years younger than my elder brother.
My brother is four years older than me.

1)My sister is 20 .My elder brother is 14 .
2)Our mother is 42 .Our father is 45.
3)My fathers mother is 70. My father is 45.
4)My uncle is 37.His wife is 36-and-a-half.
_______________________________(half a year older).
________________________________half a year younger).

Зарание спасибо!)

Помогите решить


Используйте настоящее совершённое время или прошлых 1.Where_____you ________(find) the key? 2.He _____ (be) in Africa last year.

3.He ______ already _________(see) this film.

4.I____________(see) him this week.

5.They_____never_______ (meet) this man.

Помогите сделать тест !

1. I wouldn't have believed it if I...it with my own eyes. a) didn't see; b) haven't seen; c) hadn't seen
2. If I hadn't been wearing tight shoes I...the bus quite easily.
a) would catch; b) would have caught; c) caught
3. He would take me with him if I...ready.
a) were; b) had been; c) would be
4. If you obeyed my instructions you...into trouble.
a) wouldn't have got; b) didn't get; c) wouldn’t get
1. If you (bring) me the book I would have read it.
2. You wouldn't have so many accidents if you (drive)
3. If he didn't ring me up I (not, come).
4. What (happen) if I had pressed the button?
5. If he hadn't written to me I (not, answer) him.
6. I wouldn't have taken your umbrella If I (know)
that it was the only one you had.
7. If I (be) you, I would have apologized to her.
8. We (stay) at home if we had known he was coming.

1.If he had eaten less...
2. You would be angry if...
3. If she practiced more...
4. I would have bought the dress...
5. If he had taken my advice...
6. He would bring the book if...

Выберите правильный вариант из предложенных

1) I … noisy people.
a) am not liking b) don’t like c) doesn’t like

2) What … you doing here?
a) - b) are c) is d) am

3) Steve is … than other boys in his class
a) taller b) the tallest c) much taller d) better tall

4) When … you … breakfast?
a) are … having b) do … have c) - … have d) is … having

5) My parents … see her every day.
a) not b) is not c) do d) don’t

6) … Margaret drawing a picture now?
a) is b) does c) - d) not

7) This book is … interesting … that one.
a) as … as b) more … as c) a bit … than

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Помоги ответить на вопросы по английскомому!

В школе задали спросить у кого-нибудь из родных и написать ответы. Вот описание задания: At home talk to the oldest person in your family to find out what school was like in the time of their youth. Use the points below to guide you.

-Location of the school -How the students got there -Class size -Classrooms -Discipline -Subjects -After-school activities -School uniform -School dinners

:Желательно в таком виде (извиняюсь что по-русски, в англ. то я ни бум-бум): Школа моей мамы\дедшуки\и пр. расположена в таком-то таком городе. В её классе училось столько-то человек, ну и тд. Попроще в общем) И учтите время обучение, раньше вроде классы большие всегда были. Отсебятина приветствуется, но в меру!

Очень надеюсь на людей знающих английский! Пишите про кого хотите) Помогите пожалуйста!

помогите сделайте все по вопросу why is agent cute unhappy? write three or four sentences

Robin MacWizard (be)__in Obninsk with his pen friend Misha. I usually (watch)____the boys from a big tree in the garden. I (start) ___at 6 clock every morning and (finish)___at 11 clock every night. At 8 clock the boys (get up)___.I (sit)___in the tree. At 8.30 Misha mother (give)____the boys a hot breakfast.I (eat)___my cold sandwich.Misha mother (not cook)___for me. At 9 clock Misha father (go)___to work,but Misha mother (stay)___at home.She(work)____in the evenings.She(tidy up)____the flat and the boys (go)___to school. In the afternoon they(come)____home and (have) lunch.I (sit) in the tree. After lunch the mother (leave)___and the boys (do)___very strange things. They (walk)____the cat.Most boys (walk)____dogs. They (speak)______English and (read)____History books.Most boys (watch TV)____and (play)____computer games. They (not go)____out with Misha friends.Most boys (go)___out in the evening with their friends. At 7 p.m. the boys (have)____dinner with the family.And I (be)____still in my tree. At 11 clock the boys (be)____in bed and I can finally (go)___home. I (be)____always cold and tired. Please (help)_______me,Boss. I (not understand)_____these boys.


Помогите ответить на вопрос по тексту вот вопрос: Wat did Mrs Gilbreteh children do to make her happy? (reading for detali)
Вот текст:

помогите пожалуйста составить вопросы по английскому.

Portfolio: Prepare ten Yes-No questions about TV and other popular entertainment forms in your country and carry out a survey in your class. (Write a paragraph reporting the results.
The results of my survey showed that about a third of the student in the class have their own TV. ect)

Помогите нужен рассказ как я провела лето по вопросам: With whom did you travel ?

How long did you stay there ?
What did you do in the morning and in the afternoon ?
Where did you go in the evening ?
Did you have fun ?
What are the places you visited famous for ?
Where are they situated ?
What souvenirs did you buy ?
Were your holidays interesting ? boring ?

помогите пожалуйста!

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