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перевод текста Our planet needs help

5-9 класс

Masseefect 22 нояб. 2014 г., 20:49:03 (6 лет назад)
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22 нояб. 2014 г., 22:05:45 (6 лет назад)

Перевод: Наша планета нуждается в помощи 

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22 нояб. 2014 г., 22:43:17 (6 лет назад)

Our planet needs help ПЕРЕВОД наша планета требуе помощи


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Заранее благодарю!

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Our planet needs help
Перевод текста

What do you think the most unexplored part of our planet is It's not the depths of the rainforest.It's not the burning deserts Its mot even the frozen arctic wastes.The most unexplored parts of our planet are our oceans Were just beginning to realize what kind of increbidle mysteries are hidden in the deep dark waters. Our oceans make up a huge part pf our planet over 70% of the Earths surface is covered by them ! They help control the temperature of the planet shape the weather and are gome to mi;ions of living things.

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2. If I (be) you, I would stay at home.

3. If you (not miss) the train, you would have arrived in time.

4. If they had known it before, they (take) measures.

5. Your brother (become) much stronger if he took cold baths regularly.

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перевод текста :

Our forests
We have cut down thousands and thousands of our planet's trees, most of them in tropikal rainforests. The destruction of the rainforests has killed a large number of animals and plants, and they have dissappeared forever. Cutting down the rainforests has also caused flooding in many areas. We've got to stop now, before it's too late!

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