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2 Choose the correct reaction.

5-9 класс

1. Pete likes ice cream. a) Me too. b) I like ice cream. c) I too.
2. I'm very pleased to meet you. a) It's very nice. b) Pleased to me you too. c) Very good.
3. Hello! Can I speak to Alice? a) Yes, you can. b) It's me. c) Speaking.
4. How will I recognize your friend? a) Who does he look like? b) What does he look like? c) What does he like?
5. We are lost! Let's ask the way . a) Where is Charing Cross? b) Excuse me, could you tell me, where Charing Cross is? c) I need Charing Cross.
6. I think this film is very interesting. a) I don't agree with you. b) No, it isn't. c) This film is not interesting.
7. Let's make a big cake. a) Let's do it. b) It's a good idea. c) Me too.

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7) a
Вроде должно быть так:) 

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1.а) 2.b) 3.a) 4.b) 5.b) 6.a) 7.b)


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I. 1.Fill in the blanks choosing the correct variant. 1) He was guite ... with us. a. Frank b.Frankly 2) ... speaking I don't

like casual clothes

a.Frankly b. Frank

2.Fill in the blanks choosing the correct variant.

1)She was siting at the table and he was standing ...

a. beside b. besides

2) All the children ... Tom decided to go on excursion.

a.besides b.beside

1.Choose the correct item.

1)We (live/have lived) in Hastings now.
2)I (got/have got) two brothers and a sister.
3)He (plays/is playing) football once a week.
4)We (are/have been) here since the shop opened.
5)I always (am drinking/drink) black coffee.
6)(Has/does) he got a camera?
7)When did you (got/get) home last night?
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2.Put the words in the correct order.
1)I /on Saturday/ didn't/ you/ at the party/ see/ night.
2)Some/ in the library/ we / interesting/ books/ found.
3)Walked/ around the town/ have/ I.
4)Every week-end/ do/ clean/ you/ the house?
5)Slowly/ he/ getting/ is /better.

3.Put the verbs in brackets into Past or Present Simple Passive.
1)The pet (feed) every day by a girl.
2)The thief ran away but he (find) by the policeman.
3)She always (dress) in funny clothes.
4)Both boys (take) home where they (ask) questions by their parents.
5)He (say) to be my best friend.
6)The cathedral (build) by Christopher Wren after the Great Fire.

4.Choose the correct preposition: out, of, on, at, in, for, to, if necessary.
1)Please take that long pencil ... ... your case and put it ... the table.
2)Please, don't go ... there.
3)Where is Jack? He's ... the blackboard. He's lokking ... it.
4)I usually go ... the office ... the morning.
5)Take your pen ... ... your bag and write this sentence.
6)... what language do you speak ... classes?
7)Peter is always ... time ... his lessons.

5.Fill in proper article.1)When we want to write ... letter, we take ... piece of paper and .. pen. We first write our own address and ... date in ... right-hand corner. Then on ... left-hand side we write ... greeting. We must not forget to leave ... margin in ... left-hand side of ... page. At ... end of ... letter we write ''Yours'' and then sing our name..

1. Choose the correct words.

1. Are these some/much/any roadworks in the city centre at the moment?
2. I learned a few/a little/much Spain when i was on holiday.
3. I'm going to the shops. There isn't many/some/any bread for breakfast.
4. She hasn't read much/many/a few good books recently.
5. There are much/a lot of/ a little cars in the park this morning.
6. A few/any/a little students are helping the teachers carry tne books.
7. I haven't got some/much/many money in my wallet.

2. Complete the sentences. Use a, the or nothing (no article).
1. There's ___ nice restaurant near our house.
2. We saw ___ President when he visited our city.
3. I want to be ___ doctor when i grow up.
4. The people in ___ village shop aren't very friendly.
5. 'Where's Leo?' 'He's in ___ garden.'
6 . My sister doesn't like ___ dogs- she prefers cats.
7. There's a red car and a blue car in the car park. Ours is ___ blue car.

3. Choose the correct words.
1. Turn in/to/onto the lane and then go straight
2. I saw Sam running at/straight/along Kings Road.
3. Go past/on/after the school.
4. Just follow/along/across the path across the field.
5. Go at/through/over the gate and park your car next to the house.
6. Turn in/-/up right at the church and you'll see the cottage.

A3. Choose the correct variant without the definite article the.

1) Maly Theatre
2) Old Circus
3) Tsvetnoi Boulevard
4) Russian Federation
A4. Choose the correct form of the verb.
Then she came up to Sam. "Dad called. He ... the ticket for a football match."
1) just bought 3) had just bought
2) just buys 4) has just bought

1 вопрос: Choose the correct variant: i will ... you the news later/ 1.say 2.speak 3.talk 4.tell


2 вопрос:

Choose the correct variant for the tag question:

She likes sports, ... ?

1.isnt she

2. is she

3. doesnt she

4.does she

5.arent she


Choose 3 sentences where the underlined words are used correctly:



3. excuse me, can you tell me shortly way to the library?

4. My younger brother was very anqry because he didnt want to go to bed.

5. He was a very hiqhly man.

6.There is no sugor left. Can you go quick and buy some?

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