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There/are/house/three/in/rooms/my составте придложение

5-9 класс

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вот так:

There are three rooms in my house

 в доме я имею свою комнату. пожалуйста! плиз,лучшее решение!

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11 окт. 2015 г., 4:31:16 (8 лет назад)

There are three rooms in my house


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Футбольный стадион "Новый Уэмбли",расположенный в Лондоне,был открыт в 2007 году на месте старого стадиона "Уэмбли".На этой арене проводятся крупные

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употребите глаголы в скобках в Past Simple.

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Когда пишется there ,it и they?

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V. Correct the mistakes in the sentences. 1. There are some water in my cup. 2. I haven't got no pets.

3. There isn't some apples on the table.

4. There isn't no juice at home.

5. There aren't not books in my bag.

6. Is there some balls under your bed?

7. There are some sweet in the box.

8. Is there some ham on the table?

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On the third floor there is a large food store.On the fourth floor there is a centre for small children,an Internet cafe, a vitamin bar and a Spa centre.There is a water park on the fifth floor There are 180 shops in the Khan Shatyr.

ТЕСТ 14. — Оборот There is/ There are. Выбери правильный вариант ответа.

1) a cat under the tree.

a) Is there b) There are c) There is
2) any chairs in the room?

a) There are b) Are there c) Is there
3) some jam on the plate.

a) There is b) Is there c) There are
4) eggs in the salad?

a) Is there b) Are there c) There are
5) a policeman in the car?

a) There is b) Is there c) There are
6) any mice in your house?

a) Are there b) Is there c) There are
7) any water in the cup?

a) There is b) There are c) Is there
8) no children in the park.

a) Are there b) Is there c) There are
9) a goose in the field.

a) Is there b) There are c) There is
10) many geese in the field?

a) Is there b) There is c) Are there

11) no juice in the cup.

a) There are b) There is c) Is there
12) much milk in your cup?

a) Are there b) Is there c) There are
13) some sugar in my tea.

a) Is there b) There are c) There is
14) not much snow in the street.

a) Is there b) There is c) Are there
15) two or three pens on the table?

a) Are there b) Is there c) There are
16) no carpet in my room.

a) Is there b) There are c) There is
17) any bread on the plate?

a) Is there b) There are c) There is
18) apple juice in the cup.

a) There are b) There is c) Is there
19) a mouse under the table.

a) There are b) There is c) Is there
20) no sweets on the table.

a) Are there b) Is there c) There are

^ ТЕСТ 15. - Настоящее время Present Simple. Выбери правильный вариант ответа.

1) My sister well.

a) study b) studies с) studys

2) We lunch at school.

a) has b) does have c) have

3) Mother bread every day.

a) buyes b) buy c) buys

4) Tom and Bob to play chess.

a) like b) likes c) does like

5) Tom his homework in the evening.

a) do b) does c) dos

6) Men to play football.

a) likes b) lives c) like

7) Tom's friend go to school.

a) do b) doesn't c) don't

8) This woman my aunt.

a) does b) is c) are

9) My sister and I our mother.

a) helpes b) helps c) help

10) Kate's aunt a lot of letters.

a) writes b) does writes c) write

11) This child to play with the toys.

a) like b) has like c) likes

12) These children to play with the dog.

a) like b) has like c) likes

13) Tom TV in the evening.

a) watch b) watchs c) watches

14) John's cat often mice.

a) catchs b) catches c) catch

15) Some mice under the house.

a) live b) lives c) loves

16) Little children often .

a) cry b) cryes c) cries

17) My little sister often .

a) cry b) cryes c) cries

18) Mary often at the parties.

a) singes b) sings c) sing

19) Jane eat porridge.

a) isn't b) don't c) doesn't

20) My Granny drink coffee.

a) don't b) doesn't c) isn't

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