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Ex . 7 пжл побыстрее

5-9 класс

Laurasimonyan 13 июля 2013 г., 1:33:30 (9 лет назад)
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Peter watched TV all day.
They went to the park.
She went to Madrid.

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13 июля 2013 г., 4:09:47 (9 лет назад)

Peter watched TV all day. They went to the park. She went to Madrid


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1. Choose the right word and fill in the gaps.

Centuries ago people dreamed about travelling through space and science fiction writers _ (1) that people would fly to the Moon or to Mars just for a weekend. It still seems _ (2) but the era of space tourism has already started. A rocket «Soyuz» with the first space tourist on board _ (3) in 2001. Dennis Tito, a sixty-year-old American businessman, stayed on the International Space Station for eight days and then _ (4) returned to the Earth. Since that time other people have had «a space holiday» and space travel seems to have become a new _ (5) industry. Space tourism companies plan to construct orbital hotels for short-term tourists and are thinking about _ (6) space colonies where people can live for years. The colonies can be arranged either on space stations or on other planets. However, scientists haven't _ (7) yet whether there is a planet where conditions would _ (8) the conditions on the Earth.
1. a) suggested b) predicted c) avoided d) detected
2. a) unavoidable b) unsinkable c) unforgettable d) unbelievable
3. a) was launched b) was landed c) was damaged d) was prevented
4. a) fairly b) surely c) equally d) safely
5. a) expecting b) developing c) damaging d) detecting
6. a) arranging b) coping c) giving out d) filling
7. a) found out b) predicted c) avoided d) prevented
8. a) seem b) like c) resembled) look


A put the verbs into past simple present perfect
He ...(study) since morning.
You...( be) to France?
Yes,I ...(visit) is last year

The Puppy Who Wantend a Boy

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ex.1 put the verbs into the Past Simple tense

1)I(clea) my teeth there times yesterday. 2)It was hot in the room,so I(open) the window. 3)The concert(start) at 7.30 and (finish) at 10 o clock. 4)When I was a child,I(want) to be a doctor. 5)The accedent (happen) last Sunday afternoon. 6)It s a nice day today but yesterday it (be) all day.7)We (enjoy) our holidays last year.We(stay) at a very nice place.
ex.2 complete these sentences with the verb in the negative
1)I saw Barbara but I(not/see)Jane. 2)They worked on but they(not/work)on Tuesday.3)We went to the post office but we (not/go)to the bank.4)She had a pen but she(not/have)any paper 5)Jack did French at school but he (not/do)German

20 за правильные все ответы) прошу помочь) Ex-1 1)Use the words below to complete the

sentences. There are three words you do not need to use.

-connect - link - frozen - transfer - join - memory - domload - deleted - connection - virus -split

Вставить слова в предложения:

1)Oh,no ! I've accidentally ..... all the photographs on my hard disk! 2)Let me make a copy of these files before you .... them to your computer.3) The reason why your computer is so slow is that it needs more.... 4)Is there a problem with the network? I can't ..... to the Internet. 5)I need to buy a new mobile phone. I've water on my old one, and it's stopped working. 6)Click on this ..... to go tothe international site of the online store. 7) I think your computer has a... You'd better run a full scan . 8) What's wrong with the screen? It's been .... for the last ten minutes.

Ex 2-Form nouns from verbs and translate.






Ex 3- Match the phrasal verbs to their definitions and then use them in their correct form to complete the sentences.

1)break down =2)break into =3)break up =4) break out= 5) break out of

A go into a building by force to steal sth B escape from a place C stop having a relationship with sb D start happening E stop working

1)The police stopped cars on the motorway in search of the criminal who had ..... the local prison. 2)Fighting .... between opposing football fans after last night's game. 3) The couple .... but got back together a month lated . 4)When her car .... she called a local garage to ask for help. 5) The poloce are looking for two men who were filmed as they were ...... an electrical shop lats night.


1)Don't call Jessica tomirriw morning ; she..... a tennis lesson. a) will be having b) is having c) will have

2)Send me a copy of the photographs.... I can show them to my friends. 1)in order b)so that C) in case

3)James stopped playing his video game... he heard his mum at the door. a) while b) by the time c) as soon as

4)I don't like my next-door neighbor; she's ... nosy woman! a)such a b)such c)a so

5)Can we watch the parade when we... to the Carnival? a) are going b)go c)Will go

6)It's not worth going to the footbal pitch now; the game.... by the time we get there. a)wil have started

b)Will start c)Wil be starting

Ex. 1. Где нужно вставьте глагол is или are: 1)There ... a toilet and a bathroom in our flat. 2)How many beds ... there in the


3)What ... there on the table?

4)There ... no coffee table in the room.

5)... there a carpet on the floor?

Ex. 2.

Востановите порядок слов в предложении:





Ребята,подскажите,вот когда задают домашнее по английском,например p 4. ex 2

что такое p и ex?я знаю,что одно из них,вроде "страница",а другая "номер",что из этих букв значит это?

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