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Написати про якусь професію на англ. мові ) щось що б можна було легко вивчити

10-11 класс

Yulia200421 10 окт. 2013 г., 15:11:15 (10 лет назад)
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10 окт. 2013 г., 15:46:01 (10 лет назад)

In spite of the fact that the profession of the programmer is considered one of the most modern, actually the origin of this specialty originates from the 80th years of the last century, thus, present experts are trained on useful experience of the previous generations possessing, as we know, is far not so modern computer equipment.
 Programming in essence – difficult process as a result of which there is the ready-made product having practical application in any branch. Competently and accurately to create the viable program, the expert has to possess serious knowledge and skills, and also uncommon approach to a question.
 The good programmer is obliged to be extremely attentive and thoughtful, inclined to the analysis and scrupulous work. He has to be the person of practical character and be able to find the shortest way to the purpose. Thus it has to possess also the imagination and creative thinking.
 Thus, the programmer has to combine two opposite beginnings, at the same time both humanitarian, and technical mentality. Certainly, it is not so simple moment, and the young people aspiring to this profession, have to consider that fact that at relative weakness of one of components high level becomes simply impossible.
 Nevertheless, this profession is really perspective, attractive by the versatility and is widely demanded around the world. это про программиста


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