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помогите переделать в perfect tense 1)you take a shower every day 2) my mother is a good cooker 3)last year i learnt Maths

5-9 класс

4) we will ski next summer

5) my family takes care about me well

Engeenge 13 июля 2013 г., 0:23:26 (9 лет назад)
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13 июля 2013 г., 2:24:05 (9 лет назад)

Нууу, как то так. You have already take a shower. 


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Ребят помогите пожалуйста срочно нужно зависит четверть !

Раскрыть слово в скобках и поставить предложения в Present Simple и Present Continuous и где то ответить в отрицательной форме :
1) When you usually ( to come ) home from school ? - I ( to come ) at three o'clock .
2) Where your cousin ( to work ) ? - He ( to work ) at a hospital .
3) Your sister ( to stude ) at an institute ? - No , she ( to stude ) at school .
4) My cousin ( to go ) to school every day .
5) My mother not ( to play ) the piano now .
6) He ( to play ) now .
7) He are you ( to play ) now ?
8) My mother ( to work ) at a factory .
9) My aunt not ( to work ) at a shop .
Спасибо большое ГИГАНСКОЕ спасибо считайте вы мне жизнь спасли!!

1. My mother is afraid ... rats. 2. "What do you complain ...?" asked the doctor. 3. Don't enter ... the room. 4. What are you laughing ... ? 5. They

did not want to listen ... me. 6. Wait ... me. I'll be back ... a few minutes. 7. Yesterday the teacher spoke ... us about the architecture ... St. Peters­burg. 8. My grandmother often complains ... headache. 9. I am sorry, I cannot speak ... you now, the professor is waiting ... me. I must go ... the institute and explain ... him some details ... our work. Come ... the evening, I shall listen ... you very attentively and answer ... all your questions. 10. ... nine o'clock the lecturer entered ... the hall, walked up ... the table, put his bag ... it, looked .... everybody and began his lecture. The lecture, as all the lectures ... this professor, was very interesting, and the students listened ... him with great attention. 11. Turn ... the corner ... the house and look ... the flowers grown ... my mother: aren't they beautiful? 12. He was an excellent pupil, and the teachers never complained ... him. 13. She complained ... feeling bad and could not answer ... the questions ... the teacher. 14. We tried to speak ... him, but he did not want to listen ... us. He did not even look ... us and did not answer ... our questions. 15. Your brother complains ... you. He says you always laugh ... him, never speak ... him and never answer ... his questions. 16. When I entered ... the room, everybody looked ... me with surprise: they had not waited ... me. 17. At the end ... the street she turned ... the corner, walked ... the bus-stop and began waiting ... the bus ГЛАГОЛЫ ВСТАВИТЬ

1. Поставьте предложения в Present Perfect Tense используя: yet, gust и already.

Make up the programme (Paul)
Practise the dances and songs
Send the invitations (Jay)
Sew the costumes (Alice, Polly)
Draw the poster (Andy)
2. Поставьте предложения в Present Perfect Tense, в отрицательную форму используя: yet, gust и already.
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Clean the hall (Andy, Jane)
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Buy flowers (Ron)
Decorate the hall (Ann)
пожалуйста помогите мне! очень надо!
P.S. если вы есть в контакте, то подарю 2 голоса.

помогите,переделать предложения в косвенную речь:) 1.Mother said: " I don't care for fishing" 2.The porter said: " We haven't had vacant

rooms for 5 days"

3.She asked me: " Will you help me to wash up?"

4.Our PT teacher said: "Do you take vitamins every day?"

5.Ann asked me: "When did you start swimming?"

6.She asked us: "How many pupils are there in your class?"

7.Parents asked: "Where were you last night?"

8.She said: "Dan't skate fast"

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