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5-9 класс

Вставь правильный вариант ответа на место пропуска в предложении:

1. There was thick black …. .coming out of the burning building.

A) fog B) smoke C) smog

2. Ben said that he ……a great time in Paris the previous summer.

A) had had B) would have C) have had

3. What time does the train ………Liverpool?

A) arrive B) get C) reach

4. The burning of fossil fuels has a bad ………. on our environment.

A) drawback B) impact C) fault

5. This picture ……..at the beginning of the century.

A) was painted B) had painted C) painted

6. We ……..half the rubbish on the beach by the time Jeff arrived.

A) have cleaned B) had cleaned up C) had been cleaning up

7. It …..like the bus is running late. Let’s catch a taxi.

A) is looking B) has looked C) looks

8……….Bob gets paid soon, he will not be able to pay his bills.

A) If B) Unless C) When

9. Jane …….have cooked this delicious meal. She doesn’t even know how to boil an egg!

A) mustn’t B) shouldn’t C) can’t

10. Brian asked his new classmate where……….from.

A) did he come B) he came C) does he come

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1) Fog
2)Had had
4) Impact
6)Had cleaned up
7) Looks
8)  When
9) Can t
10) Did he come


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