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Many years ago there were two young men. Both of them were strong, beautiful and kind...

5-9 класс

продолжите легенду пожалуйста

Minmark98 10 нояб. 2016 г., 5:27:47 (4 года назад)
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One fine day one of these men found a treasure. He went to his friend and told about it. They were very glad to have a lot of wealth. After that they went to fair for getting something. When they started to pay, seller stopped them, beause it isn't a real money. 
Morality: Everything isn't gold that glitters. 

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10 нояб. 2016 г., 9:25:44 (4 года назад)

Сколько нужно написать?

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10 нояб. 2016 г., 12:05:12 (4 года назад)

не меньше 3-5 предложений


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переведите пожалуйста
написать 2 письма: неформальное(другу); и формалоьное( в отель). Надо объяснить что ты искал брюки везде, но так и не смог их найти когда ты у них

останаыливался. Ну то есть когда ты у них был, ты оставил их там и не можешь найти их дома. не могли бы вы посмотреть у себя и т.д

Раскройте скобки таким образом, чтобы предложения выражали: а) реальное условие, b) нереальное условие настоящего времени.

If I (to know), I (to tell) you. 2. If she (to want) to talk she (to
ring up). 3. Her health (to improve) if she (to sleep) longer. 4. If he
(to have) enough money, he (to buy) a large house. 5. She (to feel)
lonely if Peter ( to go) out every evening. 6. We (to be) pleased to see
you if you (to arrive). 7. If we (to can) come on Sunday, we (to come).
8. I (to understand) Mr.
Smith if he (to speak) slowly. 9. We (not / to go) by ship unless there
(to be) no other way. 10 If you (not / to give) him good meals, he (not /
to be able) to work hard.

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As Dead as Dodo

You have never seen a dodo.You friends and teachers have seen a dodo. Your grandparents never saw a dodo.The last of these large guiet birds died many years ago.
The dodo lived on the island of Mauritius.Dutch ships came to that island and found these big fat birds.Dodos could not fly but they were not afraid of people.
Visitors to Mauritius killed all the dodos on the island. By the 1690s there were no dodos in the world. Nowadays you can see only bones of these dirds and their pictures.
The story of the dodo is very sad and it shows you how dangerous man can be and how easy it is to destroy wildlife.


Помогите выполнить задание, пожалуйста. Перепишите текст, заполнив пропуски необходимыми по смыслу словами из предложенного

списка. Изменяйте форму глагола там, где это грамматически обусловлено.

1)Operation Tiger

create left remain save

Seventy years ago there were 100,000 tigers in the world. Today there are no more than 8,000 ______ . In 1972 the World Wildlife Fund organized 'Operation Tiger' to ______ the tigers that ______ . Eighteen tiger reserves have been ______ in India and three in Nepal.

2)Greenhouse effect

Hold Atmosphere Destroy Burn Job Cans Produce Drive

The earth has been getting hotter because we are ______ too many “greenhouses gases”. These gases ______ the heat. Trees and plants help take gases such as carbon dioxide from the ______, but we have now ______ too many trees. There aren’t enough trees and plants to do this ______. We make carbon dioxide when we ______ wood or ______ cars. CFCs (other dangerous gases) are in the refrigerators and aerosol ______.

3)The Ozone Layer

Dangerous Acid Diseases Holes

There is a layer of gas called ozone. It covers the Earth. It protects us from the dangerous rays of the sun. But when ozone gets near to Earth (in ______ rain, for example) it is also very ______ itself and causes ______ . There are also now ______ in the ozone layer.

Помогите пожалуйста, заранее спасибо! Переделай повествовательные предложения в предложения с косвенной речью.

1) I shall come as soon as I am ready.(She thought).2)Five years ago there were no prople living here at all.(We were told).3)They finiched building this house only last week.(We learnt).4)My brother was a VJ.(She was glad).5)I have read a very interesting article in this newspaper today.(He informed us).6)I spend my summer vacation in the Caucasus.(She sais).7) I am watching my favorurite show.(My brother said)


Помогите перевести в косвенную речь!

Five years ago there were no people living here at all.

И, желательно, объяснить:почему переводится именно так с:

2.2. Заполните пропуски, поставив глаголы в правильной форме, используя Present, Past , Future Simple:Many years ago different natural disasters

1)___________(happen) on our planet. People 2)_______(suffer) from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts and volcano eruptions which 3)_______(destroy) cities, 4)_________(carry) away houses and even farm animals. People 5)_________(lose) their homes. Many of them 6)_______(die) during terrible earthquakes and hurricanes.Nowadays scientists 7 )_______(try) to predict these catastrophes. Emergency workers together with the police and the army 8) ________(help) people in difficult situations.Hopefully in the future researchers 9)_______(learn) more about nature and 10)________(invent) new machines and devices which 11)__________(help) to predict all possible dangers. People 12)_______(have) a better chance to protect themselves.

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