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Put the words in the correct order to make questions.Then write true answers. вот слова: you/your/do/what/in/doing/time/free/like/?

5-9 класс

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17 мая 2015 г., 13:50:08 (8 лет назад)

what do you like doing in your free time?

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17 мая 2015 г., 16:48:06 (8 лет назад)

what do yiu like doing in your free time?


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помогите мне...
What would you do if:
1)you saw a baby playing with a knife?____________________________
2)you wanted to be the best pupil in your class?________________
3)you could be invisible?___________________________
4)you met an alien?___________________
5)You had a car?______________________

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10 б. Помогите! Как ответить на вопрос:

Why do British children get up early on Christmas?У этого сайта нет рейтинга

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Put the words in right order to make up senteces.

1. always/my father/in the morning/buys/newspapers
2. to see/ happy/you/we/both/are
3. born/they/in St. Peterburg/were/in 1992/ all ?
4. to the seaside/often/doesn`t/for his holiday/go/he
5. Mary/feels/sad and unhappy/seldom

помогите правильно составить вопрос и ответить Put the words in the correct order to make questions.Then answer them about you.

6.Were/mother/work/what/you/came/doing/when/from/yesterday your?

Помогите пожалуйста:put the words in correct order to read the general advice about learning languages a)you/if/something

Заранее спасибо!!!

ПРОШУ ПОМОГИТЕ!!! 1. Put these words in order to make a question: 1) help 2) wash up 3) will 4) me 5) you ?

2. Put the words in the order to say that a period of time is short or long. Start from the word for the shortest period and move to the longest:

1) a year 2) an hour 3) a day 4) a minute 5) a month

3. Put the words in order to make a sentence:

1) never 2) to 3) I’ve 4) been 5) France

4. Put the words in order to make an English proverb:

1) in 2) its 3) season 4) everything 5) is good

A. Write the words in the correct order to make questions.

1) coming / are / time / your / business partners / what
2) to work / you / always / why / drive / do
3) worked / how long / in / that company / she / has
4) last / make / a good presentation / did / when / you
5) tonight / are / make / your business plan / you / to / going
6) you / would / business lunch / like / tomorrow / to / have / with me
7) going / are / on business trip / time / where / next / you
8) her / make / a report / often / does / how / she
B. Insert the proper words and write the questions.
e.g. My favorite brand is ….
What is your favorite brand?
1) I like dealing with ….
What …?
2) We usually go to … for our holidays.
Where …?
3) She prepared the … for a newspaper.
What …?
4) I bought …
What …?
5) My boss can … really well.
6) I’m going to start driving lessons in …
When …?
7) They were late for a job ... last week.
How many times?

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