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35 пожалуйста)Очень надо на олимпиаду!!!

5-9 класс

Beniadze 10 нояб. 2016 г., 20:48:19 (4 года назад)
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10 нояб. 2016 г., 21:58:19 (4 года назад)

1)He is brushing his teeth.2)He is cycling.3)It is eating.4)The girl is listening the music.5)We are singing.6)They are talking.7)She is watching TV.8)It is sleeping.9)The boys are playing football.


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1. David ... until 8 o’clock last night! a were working b works c was working 2. I was having dinner when he ... h


a come

b was coming

c came

3. The rain ... today.

a hasn't stopped

b haven't stopped

c hasn't stopping

4. I ... in the house all weekend.

a 's been

b 've been

c be

5. I can't believe it! I ... my bag.

a lost

b 've lost

c losed

6. You ... your bag on the table a minute ago.

a have put

b putted

c put

7. We ... have a picnic this afternoon.

a go to

b are going to

c are going

8. Do you think it ... this evening?

a rains

b will rain

c shall rain

9. ... walk there with you. It's not far.

a I am able to

b I manage to

c I could

10. ... Laura to the party?

a Should I inviting

b Should I invite

c I should invite

11. I think you ... ask David about it.

a should asking

b should ask

c would

12. You ... stay at the bank if you don't like your job there.

a should

b shouldn't

c could

13. You ... for a new job.

a should to look

b should looking

c should look

14. I ... get out of bed earlier, I'm always late!

a must to

b must

c have

15. I ... start work at 7 a.m.

a have to

b must to

c must

16. ... a nice holiday!

a Have you

b Have

c You have

17. ... to call me when you get to the hotel.

a Don't forget

b Not forgetting

c Forget not

18. ... a ticket to see my favourite band tonight.

a I've

b I've got

c I got

19. ... a good time!

a Have got

b Have you

c Have

20. Did you remember ... your bike?

a to bring

b bringing

c bring

21. It'll be ... a bus to the stadium.

a difficult get to

b to difficult get

c difficult to get

22. There were lots of ... in the shop.

a person

b people

c persons

23. ... a new cinema in town.

a There's

b There are

c There

24. There aren't ... tomatoes in the fridge.

a some

b no

c any

25. How cheese is there?

a a lot of

b much

c many

26. That book belongs to ... .

a my

b mine

c me

27. ... is downstairs.

a My boss'office

b My boss's office

c The office of my boss

28. Ann is the woman in the ... coat .

a short black leather

b black short leather

c short leather black

29. She's from ... in Wales.

a an old small town

b a small old town

c an old town small

30. This bike is ... than yours.

a newer

b more new

c newest

31. It's also the ... than in the shop!

a most expensive

b expensivest

c expensive

32. He played the guitar ... at the concert.

a beautiful

b beautifully

c beauty

33. Luke is ... college today.

a at

b on

c in

34. He will be there ... one o'clock until five o'clock.

a from

b on

c to

35. I have bought a cake, a present, ... some flowers for Sarah's birthday.

a but

b and

c or

36. I haven't organized a party ... it's on Monday.

a so

b because of

c because

37. What do you do in your … time?

a pastime

b evening

c free

38. She … shopping with her mother.

a goose

b goes

c go

39. The day after Monday is … .

a Tuesday

b the weekend

c Sunday

40. What is Mary’s job?

a She’s a painter

b she’s busy

c she’s watching TV.

41. What is Mary doing?

a She is a teacher

b she works in a bank

c she is cleaning windows.

42. She’s … the shopping.

a making

b doing

c buying

43. Tim never goes to the cinema … Fridays.

a in

b at

c on

44.My family … moving to Oxford.

a is

b must

c doesn’t

45. John forgot his umbrella and got really … .

a mild

b wet

c hungry

46. I ... wear a uniform to school.

a at the moment

b ever

c usually

47. At 8 o'clock last night, I ... my homework.

a did

b was doing

c was done

48. While I was sitting at my desk, the doorbell ... .

a was ringing

b rings

c rang

49. ... do the trains go to Birmingham?

a How often

b How many

c How far

50. She ... to my emails.

a hasn't replied

b hasn't reply

c haven't replied

51. I have ... told you that she doesn't have a computer!

a already

b yet

c ever

52. He started his new job inRome... .

a three months since

b three months ago

c for three months

53. I spent ... day in meetings yesterday.

a a few

b any

c most of the

54. He ... me since February!

a didn't phone

b haven't phoned

c hasn't phoned

55. ... to the match on Tuesday?

a Will you going to

b You going to

c Are you going

56. ... is your new address inBirmingham?

a Where

b Which

c What

57. ... did you watch on TV?

a Which

b Whose

c What

58. ... eat meals in front of the TV at home?

a Are you able to

b You can

c Are you allowed to

59. Children ... an adult.

a must be accompanied by

b must accompanied by

c must accompany by

60. I ... have enough money this week.

a could not

b should not

c might not

добрые люди, хэээлп!

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