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Honored to be of service перевод

10-11 класс

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Честь быть обслуженным.


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Перевод текста. Помогите.

Historians label the period in Europe between the 14th and 16th centuries as the
‘Renaissance’ – a period of rebirth.
In the Renaissance Period the magnitude of scholarly and artistic activities was
greatly enhanced in Europe. New knowledge was acquired which gave rise to new
technologies, and the Industrial Age soon followed. The Industrial Age developed as
mankind learned to harness the energy created from the burning of hydrocarbons,
such as coal and petroleum. Mechanics emerged as a new science in universities.
Except for the magnetic compass, electric and magnetic energy remained a curi-
osity, having little practical application, until the invention of the battery by Alessan-
dro Volta in 1800. This invention gave scientists a new tool with which to experi-
ment, and soon the laws of electricity and magnetism were discovered.
In 1831 Faraday discovered that rotating a conductor in a magnetic field gave
rise to an electric potential, and the electric generator and motor became a reality.
However, the development of the electric power industry was really spurred by the
invention of a practical incandescent electric light bulb in 1879 by Thomas Edison.
The electrification of cities soon followed. Alternating current and the transformer
allowed electric energy to be transported over large distances, and electrical engineer-
ing as a profession was born. The first professional society for electrical engineers
was founded in 1884.
The discovery of the laws of electricity and magnetism in the 1800s also gave
birth to two new information industries, the telegraph and telephone industries. How-
ever, the electric power industry remained a dominant force in the first half of the 20th
Two new non-electrical information industries were also created in the 1800s through advances in the chemical sciences. The photographic film process was pefected and the photographic industry was born soon to be followed by the motion picture industry.

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MICHAIL LOMONOSOUМ. U. Lomonosov is considered to be the father of Russian science. Many of hisscientific discoveries proved to be invaluable

contributions to world science which influencedthe work of the progressive scientists of his time. It is difficult to enumerate his many-sidedscientific activities.Lomonosov was a complete master of natural sciences especially in chemistry and physicsand it was with Lomonosov that geology, mineralogy, geochemistry, physical chemistry, miningand many other branches of science began. He took great interest in history and mathematics andhe is considered to be the founder of Russian materialistic philosophy. Besides all thisLomonosov is known to have been a poet. His literary works remain the most significant, pagesof Russian literature which influenced the development of Russian poetry.Lomonosov is also known to be the author of the first Russian grammar book. In additionto the Russian Lomonosov had a perfect command of many foreign Languages such as Latin,French, German and ancient Greek.Lomonosov was a prominent Russian artist and he is known to have made a greatcontribution to the development of Russian pictorial act.We know Lomonosov's life to be full of difficulties and obstacles which he had toovercome. His father wanted Michail to become a fisher man. But Lomonosov's desire tostudy was so great that at the age of 19 he started to Moscow on foot to enter the Slavonic-GreekLatin Academy. His scientific career lasted 25 years was marked by a striking capasity for work.In these 25 years he carried out a gigantic amount of work in various branches of science,engineering and art. He fought for educating his people and he is sure to have done the best toestablish schools all over the country.By the end of his life Lomonosov had been elected honorary member of a number offoreign academies. Lomonosov died at the age of 54 on April 15, 1765.

Перевод текста. Gas welding is a non-pressure using heat from a gas flame. The flame is applied directly to the metal edges to be joined and

simultaneously to a filler metal in the form of wire or welding rod, which is melted to the joint. Are welding is the most important welding process for joining steels. It requires a continuous supply of either direct or alternating electrical current. The most widely used are tance welding, heat is obtained from the resistance of metal to the flow of an electric current. Electrodes are clamped on each side of the parts to be welded, the parts are subjected to great pressure, and a heavy current is applied for a short period. Thr point where two metals touch creates resistance to the flow widely employed in many fields of sheet metal or wire manufacturing and is often used for welds made by automatic or semi-automatic machines especially in automobile industry.

Нужен качественный перевод с не переводчика Mark*s father is a pilot.Mark wants to be a pilot,too.He wants to fly into space.But he is not brave.He is

always afraid of the dark.He can not a dark room or to dark street without his father or mother.And his father says-You can*t be a pilot,Mark.You can*t fly into space.It is very dark in space and you are afraid of the dark.A pilot must be brave and you are not brave.*Come with me into the dark room.I am not afraid*,says Mark.*No,no,*says his faher.*You must go there without me.You must stay there for ten minutes.*Mark daesn*t want to go there.But he wants to be a pilot very much.And he goes into the dark room and stays there for ten minutes.Father is happy.His son is a brave boy.Mark is happy,too.He knows that he can be a pilot and fly into space.

Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в соответствующем времени. There (to be) a lot of new buildings there next year. 1. It (to rain) since


2. When I saw him, his clothes (to be) dirty as he (to work) in the garden since morning. 3. Where is Nick? He (to buy) a book now.

4. Every day she (to write) letters and (to send) cables.

5. When I came back home my son (to draw) something.

6. He (to paint) the picture by the end of June.

7. We already (to discuss) the plan when he (to come).

8. They (to be) students now.

9. It’s a pity, but I (not to finish) the work.

10. We just (to discuss) the mistakes in our works.

11. He never (to be) to St. Petersburg.

12. My friend (to leave) for Moscow tomorrow at 5 o’clock p.m..

13. When (to be) you there last?

6. Раскроите скобки, употребив глагол в нужной форме. The Hermitage Museum (to be) one of the world's greatest art galleries. The rich

collection of the Hermitage (to attract) very many people every year. The must (to have) the largest collection of paintings by Impressionist artists. Among the most famous exhibits (to be) two madonnas by Leonardo da Vinci.

I (to be) to this museum and (to call on) the Director of the Hermitage. He (to say): "We (to have) over 2.500.000 exhibits If somebody (to want) to look for a minute at each exhibit in our 400 rooms it (to take) him 12 years to see all the exhibits."

I (to be) to this museum and (to call on) the Director of the Hermitage. He (to say): "We (to have) over 2.500.000 exhibits If somebody (to want) to look for a minute at each exhibit in our 400 rooms it (to take) him 12 years to see all the exhibits."

This is how we (to get) paintings by Rembrandt. Rubens and Van Dyck.

Our French impressionists (to come) from private collections.

After the Revolution part of the collection (to go) to the Pushkin Museum.

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