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Complete the sentences with the proper form of the verbs. They are ... (ride) their bikes now. I am ... (write) a letter

1-4 класс


We are ... (have) fun today.

She is ... (run) in the park now.

I am ... (swim) in the pool now.

He is ... (watch) a new film now.

Ksu3071 10 нояб. 2016 г., 13:13:56 (4 года назад)
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10 нояб. 2016 г., 14:09:13 (4 года назад)

riding. writting having running swimming watching. Тут же всё легко это пресент континиус -am is are  и глагол с окончание ing-. Сейчас(now)-это вспомогательное слово,которое дает понять,что это пресент континиус.))

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10 нояб. 2016 г., 15:20:50 (4 года назад)

They are riding their bikes now .

I am writing a letter now.


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Помогите и объясните как сделать урок.?

Make some 'always'-sentences/

1) Mr Black is reading/
2) John is playing tennis/
3) Mr and Mrs Brown are watching TV.
4) I'm listening to music.
5) Betty is doing her homework.
6) We are dancing/
7) Miss Poppins is flying with her umbrella.
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Fill in the missing forms of the verbs.
Пожалуйста помогите.

Дни недели -произношение на русском языке.
образец: понедельник-мондэй.

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Сomplete the sentences with the proper form of the verbs.

1.They are ... (ride) their bikes now.
2.I am ... (write) a letter now.
3.We are ... (have) fun today.
4.She is ... (run) in the park now.
5.I am ... (swim) in the pool now.
6.He is ... (watch) a new films now.
Конец! : )

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Tuesday | eat Chinese food with Laura
Wednesday | meet friends at a cafe
Thursday | go to the supermarket with Mum
Friday | go shopping for clothes with Bob
Saturday | have a party
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No,he isn't.
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Yes,he ... .
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No,he ... .
7. ... Tom and Kate ... a food festival on Sunday?
Yes,they ... .
2. Write which of the following *you are/aren't going to do* this weekend.
(\/-да, ×-нет)
1. I ... (cook fish for dinner. (\/)
2. I ... (watch) DVDs. (×)
3. I ... (do) my homework. (\/)
4. I ... (have) lunch with friends. (\/)
5. I ... (go) to a party. (×)

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