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Помогите, пожалуйста, ответить на вопросы ( на английском) 1)Why and when did England become interested in America? 2)When did the

5-9 класс

MAYFLOWER sail to America?

3)What did they call the partof America where they set up their first colony?

4)What kind of life did they lead?

5)Why did people in America fight for their independence from England?

6)Как ты можешь охарактеризовать колонистов? ( 1 простое предложение на английском)

7)Какие большие города в US Вы знаете?

8)How manu cents are there in a dollar?

9)What are other American coins?

10)How many cents are there in a nickel, a dime and quarter?

11)Каково название американского города, где Леви Стросс начал делать специальную одежду? Какая это была одежда?

12)Какие цвета на Американском флаге?

13)Почему 50 звёзд на флаге?

14)Почему 13 полос?

15)Каков национальный символ в Америке и правда ли что он стал им в 1782 году?

16)Что американцы празднуют 4 июля?

17)Что озночают буквы D и C в название столицы Америки?

18)Почему люди говорят Вашингтон D.C. когда говорят о столице Америки?

19)Where can you see the picture of the eagle with an olive branch and arrows?

20)Что за символ оливковой веточка и что за символ стрелы?

на все вопросы нужно ответить на английском. Буду рада хотя бы 15 правильным полным ответам)))

Всем огромное спасибо!

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6. The English King was the King of New England and other colonies.

7. Washington (district of Columbia) is the capital of the US.  New York – one of the largest capitals of business. Orlando the most colorful city in Florida. Los Angeles – a huge city, the personifications of the American and Las Vegas of course!

8. There are 100 cents in a dollar.

12.The red, white and blue colors to be used in the flag.

13. There are 50 stars on the flag representing the 50 states that make up the USA.

14. The thirteen stripes represent the original thirteen colonies. The number of the stripes 13 – signifies the 13 colonies of the time. The red ,historically, represents the British while the white stripes cutting through the red is a political statement against Great Britain and its rule over the colonies.

16. The Independence Day.

17.Doctrine and Covenants

18.People say Washington DC not to confuse this city with the name of a state Washington DC in the northwest of the country.

20. The olive use as symbol of peace. The olive tree represented plenty, but the ancient Greeks believed that it also drove away evil spirits. 

 9. Present day US coins produced for circulation include the penny (1 cent), nickel (5 cent), dime (10 cent), quarter dollar (25 cent), half dollar (50 cent) and dollar coins.

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(тут немножко вперемешку)

1. the first English settlements appeared in America at the beginning of the 17th century. On the 6th of September in 1620 a group of people left England for the New World. They sailed from Plymouth, on boqard the ship "Mayflower." They wnated to start a new life and have no problems with the church. They landed in the Northeast of america. There were 74 men and 28 women. They set up a colony and called that part of a country New England.
6. The English King who lived in England was the king of New England and other colonies. The colonists in America didn't like that They wanted to be free from England.
8. there are 100 cents in a dollar. Other american coins are: a dime, pennies, nickels, quarters.
There are 5 pennies in a nickel. There 2 nickels in a dime. Therea four quarters in a dollar. There are ten dimes in a dollar.
11.San Fransisco. Jeans were very strong trousers made of denim.
12,13,14. blue, red and white. 50 stars mean 50 states of the USA. 13 stripes mean first 13 colonies. People often called the american flag - the stars and stripes.
Yes, it did. The arrows mean strength. You can see an eagle on the back of a dollar bill.
16. The Independence day.
18. People say "Washigton DC" not to confuse this city with the name of a state Washington in the northwest f the country.



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