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5-9 класс

1 What has Mr Grant bought?
2 When did he buy it?
3 Was it expensive?
4 Has he looked at the instructions?
5 When did he look at them ?
6 What three things has Mr Grant done?
7 What hasn't he done?

CHARLIE; Hi, Dad .What's that?
MR GRANT; I've bought a DVD player.It was really cheap.
CHARLIE; Great ! When did you buy it ?
MR GRANT ; I bought it yesterday,at the market.
MR GRANT ;Yes, I think so ,but i'm not sure how it works.
CHARLIE; Have you looked at the instructions ?
MR GRANT; Yes , have .I looked at them last night with Penny.She said , Charlie'll know!
CHARLIE ;Have you connected it to the TV ?
MR GRANT ; Yes, I've done that .Look!
CHARLIE Er....have you plugged it in ?
MR GRANT ; Of course I have !
CHARLIE ; And you've put a DVD in.Mmm.... that's strange .Have you forgotten anything?
MR GRANT ;No, i done't think so .
ANA; Wait a minute ! You haven't turned the TV on !
MR GRANT ; Oh no! How stupid of me !

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1)He bought a DVD player.
2)In the market (можно добавить yesterday)
3)No, it was.It was cheap.
4)Yes, he has.
5)He look in instruction yesterday night with Penny.
6) 1.Conect to TV. 2. plugged it in. 3. Put a DVD in.
7)He fogot to turn TV on.


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