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1. Do they need housing, job creation, new public transport systems, retail investment, environmental enhancements?
2. Does the pattern provide a cool and comfortable microclimate?
3. Where does provide a cool and comfortable microclimate?
4. Why pedestrian crossing, turning circles and junctions were all determined by the need of the car?
5. Who need new housing, public transport systems, retail investment, environmental enhancements?
6. What were determined by the need of the cars?
7. Does the pattern provide a cool and comfortable or warm and wet microclimate?
8. Does the vegetation influence the comfort of the residents or health of pets?
9. Cars need the pedestrian, turning circles and junctions, aren't they ?

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переведите 3 вопрос. 4) Why were pedestrian crossing, turning circles and junctions all determined by the need of the car? 9) don't they?


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Меня завут Эрик,мне 8 лет. Яучусь в 3 классе. Я очень люблю читать, писать, заниматся спортом.Помогаю маме и папе,играю с сестрой.Люблю смотреть

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2) Do you think jargon is a good or bad thing?

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ПРИМЕР--- Where does your sister work.
вставили слово --does---

1. I'm go to the cinema tonight.
2. How much you earn in your job?
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4. That's my husband over there. He stands near the window.
5. What you doing after school today.
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Перевод срочно!! If there were law, the manager could safely remain the emises and, as you went out, smile you and "Hope you've enjoyed My ae show, sir

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