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написать сочинение на англиском my bedroom 8 предложений

5-9 класс

Fh47ro 17 мая 2015 г., 9:30:49 (8 лет назад)
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17 мая 2015 г., 12:00:03 (8 лет назад)

Мy bedroom is very beautiful.It has one soft bed where I sleep.I have some book - shelves in my room.It has one writing table whele I write my school homework.Here I have one computer and TV set.I like read books from my book - shelves.Unfortunately I have not got my books of English writers.In rainy days I like look out from my window.Rarely I see TV .Because I am very busy with my homework.On the window I have white curtains.When I come from the school I hurry to go in my dear bedroom to change my clothes in wardrobe.Actually I like my room very much.

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17 мая 2015 г., 14:00:42 (8 лет назад)


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17 мая 2015 г., 15:22:38 (8 лет назад)


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17 мая 2015 г., 17:08:59 (8 лет назад)

так понятно


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