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Write Yes/No questions for these answers

5-9 класс

1-Have you got any pets?______________
-Yes,I have. i've got two dogs and a cat
-No,he hasn't.Trevor has not got any pets
-No,she hasn't got a snake,but she's got a hamster.
-Yes.we have.We've got two cats
-Yes,he has.He's got a goldfish.Its name is Bert
-No,they haven't got a cat. They've got a dog

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2. Does Trevor has any pets?
3. Does she have got a snake?
4. Does we have got two cat's?
5. Does he has got a goldfish?
6. Does they have got a cat?


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Вставьте the где необходимо. 1. When you

come to _______(1) Moscow for the first time, you should visit ______(2) ______Red Square, _____(3) Kremlin, ______(4) Tretyakov Gallery and ______(5) Bolshoi Theatre.

2. _______(6) New York is the largest city of ______(7) USA.

3. _____(8) Hyde Park is a famous park in ______(9) London.

4. ______(10) Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in _______(11) UK.

5. ________(12) Thames is the most important river in ______(13) Great Britain.

6. ________(14) Olga speaks ________(15) English very well.

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Write a simple questions for the answers.

1) we went to San Francisco
2) yes, we caught the plane
3) we went with our pants
4)We stayed at a hotel in the centre of San Francisco
5) yes,we had to good time
6)no, we didn't buy any souvenirs.
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CompLete the questions for these answers Use the present simpLe or the correct form of be or have got

1 Who ... actors ?
My favourite actors are Johnny Depp and DanieI RadcIiffe.
2 Where .. Iive?
DanieI RadcIiffe Iives in Iondon and Johnny Depp Iives in France.
3 ... DanieI`s new fiIm on DVD?
Yes,I have .It`s great!
4 Where ... from?
Johnny is from the USA
5 ... fair hair?
No,he hasn`t .He`s got dark hair.
6 How often... ?
I go to the cinema adout once a month

Make questions for these answers, using the words in brackets.

1. We usually have toast for breakfast. (what) _________________________________
2 I finish school at 3.30 p.m. (when) _________________________________
3 My dad calls me every Friday. (how often) _________________________________
4 She goes to college by car. (how) _________________________________
5 I usually go shopping with Kathy. (who) _________________________________
6 We live near the town centre. (where)

make questions for these answers: 1. The woman is writing an invitation letter. What? 2. The children are drawing in the living. Where?

3. The teacher is telling her students a funny story. Who?

4. The girls are walking in the park. Where?

5. Alice is decorating the Christmas tree. What?

6. The men are shaking hands. What?

Make questions for these answers.

1.Yes, he likes to take pictures of this friends.
2.Pete never shares his thoughts with anybody.
3.Jane always helps her sister to do her homework in English, because she knows English well.
4.Thank you. She's better now.
5.He always turnts up when we need him.
6.She is a counsellor. She works with children.

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