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почерни правильное слово They/ Their are friends

5-9 класс

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Правельное слово They


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.Большой гусь набросился на маленького мальчика.

.Не торопись с выводами.
Он починит все сам.
Маленький Джонни ворвался в комнату и закричал ; мы выиграли.
Ученики бросились к двери , чтобы поприветствовать старого учителя.
Нам нужно спешно отправиться на вокзал.

Find out the tense of the sentences and use them in the Passive Voice.

1. Will me meet aunt Mary at the stadion?
2. You should not cook dinner today?
3. They have to finish the story immediately?

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2.He/His is new in my class .

3. I / My am 10 years old .

4.How old are they / their .

5.They /their are friends

6.We / Our are pupils .

7.She / Her mum'is a teacher.

8.They / their houce is nice.

9.My bag is green.


We are friends and ....... are friends, ......... are friends, they ......... friends, ...... ....... friends and ...... ......... friends, we ..........

merry friends.
помогите вставить слова:
they are
we are

Помогите плиз!! From Wh-question about these sentences based on the words in blod (выделенные). Example: The miss their school friends

in summer. - When do they miss their school friends?

1) There are two new pupils in our form. -

2) There'll be 20 British girls and boys in Barbara's class this year. -

3) Elizabeth likes her new textbooks. -

4) The girls are from Britain. -

5)Mark invited me to England last year. -

6) We were happy to get good marks in French because it's difficult subject. -

Выберете правильное слово 1 He completely forgot/left about the meeting. 2 Can you hear/listen that noise? 3 I'm sorry, I've

forgotten/left your name.

4 Take/Bring this note to Dr Mason. He is in another room

5 She makes/does all her own clothes.

6 He bought/sold a diamond ring for his wife.

7 I sold/bought a ticket to Mary.

8 I left/forgot the car keys in the house

9 Can you see/watch that car over there?

10 Should I stay or go/come?

11 We wait/expect the meeting will finish about 5 o'clock.

12 The policeman brought/took him into a tiny room.

13 The furniture was made/done by a Swedish firm.

Выберите правильное слово

1. I don't like horror films. I think they are (frightening/frightened) and (boring/bored).

2. Don't look so (surprising/surprised).

3. It was a (tiring/tired) journey.

4. The football match was (disappointing/disappointed).

5. He can't remember his name. It is rather (embarrassing/embarrassed).

6 Lisa had to get used to (drive/driving) on the left.

7 We used to (live/living) in a small village, but now we live in London.

8 Dan used to (drink/drinking) a lot of coffee. Now he prefers tea.

Выберите правильное слово в тексте.

1. а) the b) -
2. a) particular b) particularly
3. a) title b) name
4. a) a b) the
5. a) pick up b) pick on
6. a)keep with b) keep up with
7. a) context b) content
8. a) what b) that
9. a) in b) at
10. a) spoke b) spoken
Most large cities in (1)... UK have a local dialect. A dialect is a version of English that is used in that (2)... area or city. It can usually be explained by the history of the area and has a (3)... . In Liverpool there is Scouse, in London there is Cockney and in Newcastle (4)... local dialect is Geordie. If you spend time in Newcastle, you will soon (5)... the Geordie dialect. It can be difficilt to (6)... the local people at first bit listening to a dialect in (7)... makes it easier to catch on to (8)... people are saying. When you arrive (9)... a new city in the IK, one of the first things you will notice will be the local accent. Usually, (10)... words will sound different to the way you remember from eour English lessons. Выберите правильное слово в тексте.

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