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В правильной форме.

5-9 класс

1.I never (see) this face.2.I Often (see) his name in the papers this year 3.I Try to get her on the phone for about 20 minutes. Ребят просто много писать там еще продолжение есть кто напишет плиз

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напишите задание в развернутой форме

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я не понял смысла задания


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помогите с английским пожалуйста
переведите предложение на русский At home I live affectionate cat, her name is Dasha. She greets me from school welcomes a loud meow. Dasha loves sausage

and fish. Her favorite pass-catching fish in the aquarium. I often play with Dasha rope with a bow. She's my best little friend.

помоги с контрой:ЗЗ

Write what they want ;
Example:will says "alex help me with my homework"-will wants alex to help him with his homevork .
2)Your mother says to you "buy some bread for dinner"

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Выберите правильную форму глагола.

a)They have seen / saw the tower "Baiterek".
b)They saw /have seen the concert last week.
c)They love Rock and Roll.I like/ have liked it all my life.
d)They bought / have bought a lot of interesting books after the concert.
e)They stayed / have stayed in Astana since October.
f)They know / have known each other for 5 years.
g)When did they go / have they gone to Astana?
h)Dmitry went / has gone to Astana 3 months ago.
j)Omar lived / has lived there for 5 months.
Выберите правильную форму глагола.
a) Они видели / видел башню "Baiterek".
b) Они видели, что / видел концерт на прошлой неделе.
c) Они любят Рок-н-ролл. Мне нравится/, любили все это моя жизнь.
d) Они купили / купили много интересных книг после концерта.
e) Они остались / остались в Астане с октября.
f) Они знают / знали друг друга в течение 5 лет.
g) Когда они шли / они пошли в Астану?
h) Дмитрий пошел / пошел в Астану 3 месяца назад.
j) Омар жил / жил там в течение 5 месяцев.

поставьте в правильную форму слова. помогите очень надо..The Internet is important for people because it extends their (communicate) possibilities. We can

speak via the Internet, watch films, send ( inform) and shop. No wonder that people are becoming (addict) to the Internet.They often spend more time communicating online than talking to their real friends and families. At first glance, the virtual world seems to be a very safe place but it's not like that-it can be as ( danger) as a real world because it's created by people. In the virtual reality you can meet nice and honest people as well as evil and (deceit) ones. That's why we should be careful and (select) while searching for information and meeting new people on the Internet. поставьте в правильную форму слова. помогите очень надо..

3. Подчеркните правильную форму множественного числа существительных:

Family – (familys, families, familes)
Wolf – ( wolfs, wolfes, wolves)
Fish – (fish, fishs, fishes)
Money – ( moneys, money, нетмнож.числа)
Copy-book – (copy-books, copies-books, copys-books)

4. Степени сравнения прилагательных. Подчеркните правильную форму
1. Mary is (tall) than her friends. (as tall as, taller, the tallest)
2. John is (good) player in our team. (the goodest, better, the best)
3. Your dog is not (big) as mine. (as big, so big, bigger)
4. Football is (popular) sport in our country. (more popular, the popularest, the most popular)

6. “Much”или“Many”
You watch TV too _______.
How ______ money have you got?

нужно вставить слово work в правильной форме^

He .... hard because he s got a math test tomorrow
My mother is a teacher.She ... in a priamary school.
нужно вставить слово write в правильной форме^
Jane lets go the cinema.- I am afraid,I can not . I ...... an essay.And itll take a lot of time to do it.
She doesnt use a computer orthe Internet, she .... letters to her sons every Friday.

надо вставить в правильную форму 1.This student is ... (bright) in the school 2.This year i have ... (easy) subjects in my timetable than i had last year

3.This student has ... (funny) nickname in the class 4.Our English lauguage teacher is ... (good) teacher in the world 5.For me Literature is ... (interesting) than maths ответы на вопросы пишите так например 1-bright но правильною форму

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