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Срочно! Написать письмо (100-150 слов): Your classmates decided to organise a disco and you want to invite students

10-11 класс

from england who are just staying in your town for an exchange programme. Write a letter to entertainment agency manhattan which deals with organising discos

1. Explain why you are contacting them

2. Ask about a possibility to organise a disco according to your class preferences (time, place, number of people)

3. Ask about kind of music and refreshments

4. Ask about prices and security in the disco

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We are writing you from the 9th school in Kiev about a idea that came up. We understand that your school sent some of the students from you school to our town. Well  We would like to invite them over for a disco that our school will be organising. Would it be posible if they would be able to come to the club "Sing-a-Ling" at 8 o-clock. We were thinking that aproximetly 15 of your students would be able to come for an exange programme? What Kind of music and refreshments do your students perfer? And how high is the price you are willing to pay per person for the disco so maybe we will be able to add some adittional delicacies for the party?

With best regards,

the 10 grade, from the 9th school.


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