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1. Ann is in hospital. – I know. I ……..her tomorrow.
b) am going to visit
2. What …….you …tonight? – I …….do nothing.
a) are going to do / will
3) I think he……..us next week.
a) will visit
4) Do you know her e-mail address? – Yes, I ……..give it to you.
b) will
5) Don’t worry. I……..tell anyone about it.
b) am not going to
6) You promised to wash up! ……….do it?
b) Will you (


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essay: good reputation is more value than money
Ответьте на следующие вопросы, используя глаголы в Present simple:

1) Where do you study?
2) Are you a full-time or a part-time student?
3) Where is your institute situated?
4) Do you live in a hostel or with your family?
5) What subjects do you study?
6) When do you have practice?
7) How much time does your study last?
8) When do students take exams and credit-tests?
9) What subjects are the most difficult for you?
10) What occupation will you have after graduation?


some, any, no.


1) Each country has___ system of education/

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Задание 1. Вставьте пропущенный глагол to be или to have в Present Indefinite Tense.
1. They ...... thrid-year students.
2. She ...... in the office.
3. There ..... three rooms in our flat.
4. You ..... many problems.
5. He ..... a bag in his hand.
Задание 2. Выберите из скобок правильное местоимение.
1. (You/your) help (we/us) and (we/our) help (you/your).
2. (It/they) is (them/their) car.
3. (She/her) looks at (hers/herself) in the mirror.
4. (That/those) flowers are (us/ours).
5. (This/these) letters inform about (our/us) plans.

Выберите из скобок нужную форму глагола. 1. (Have you ever seen / did you ever see) rock concert? 2. (I saw / have seen) the Rolling Stones last year.

3. I love rock'n'roll. I (like / have liked) it all my life. 4. The Stones concert (has been / was) excellent. 5.I (have bought / bought) all their records after the concert. 6. How long (have you known / do you know) Peter? 7. I (know / have known) him since we were at school together. 8. When (did you get / have you got) married to him? 9. We (have been / are) together for over ten years, and we (have got / got) married eight years ago. ОЧЕНЬ НУЖНО!!!!!ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!!!

Помогите пожалуйста!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3) Constructed on Temple Square, in\on the center of …… city, the temple took 40 years to complete,

being started in\at 1853 and dedicated on April 6, 1893. ……temple has become iconic of the city and is the centerpiece of the city. The Mormon pioneers organized …… new state and …… United States Congress established the Utah Territory. Great Salt Lake City became its capital in 1858. The city is located in\on the northeast corner of the Salt Lake Valley. The Jordan River flows through\across the city and is drainage of Utah Lake that empties into the Great Salt Lake. …… highest mountaintop visible from\out of Salt Lake City is Twin Peaks, which reaches 11,489 feet (3502 m).
5) Near the mouth of Emigration Canyon lies This Is The Place Heritage Park, which recreates typical 19th century LDS pioneer life. Hogle Zoo is located across\through the street from …… park. …… City's largest public park, Liberty Park features …… lake with\since an island in …… middle and the Tracy Aviary. The park is home to a large number of birds, both wild and in the aviary. The Bonneville Shoreline Trail is …… popular hiking and biking nature trail which spans ninety …… miles through the foothills of the Wasatch Front.
6) Tourism to the city has increased as\like …… result of the 2002 Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake. The former Olympic venues are …… very popular attractions for many visitors. The Utah Olympic Park features the Olympic ski jumps, too\as well as bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton runs. Today, the Olympic Park is used for year-round training and competitions. The Utah Olympic Oval was …… home to …… speed skating events and is now open for\to the public.

Заполните пропуски артиклями a, the, где
необходимо, и выберите из выделенных предлогов правильный вариант


Выберите из предложенных вариантов ответа один
1) I hope it ….
raining soon.
a) is going to
stop b) will stop c) stops
2) She …. you if
you need anything.
a) will help b) is
going to help c) helps
3) Do you have any
plans for tonight? – Well, I ….to the cinema.
a) go b) will
go c) am going to go
4) What a nice bag!
I think I …….it.
a) will buy b)
am going to buy c) am buying
5) Why did you bring
this dictionary? – I ……translate this text.
a) am going
to b) will translate c) translate
6) The bus is so
slow! I hope we …..late for the classes.
a) won’t
be b) aren’t going to be c) aren’t
7) I’m starving! –
Me too. I ……..some sandwiches.
a) am going to
make b) will make c) going to make
8) I am not ready
for my Anatomy class. The teacher …….angry.
a) is going to
be b) will be c) is
9) What …….tonight?
– I ………..out with friends.
do you do/am going b) are you doing/am going
It’s a short trip. I …….back soon. I promise.
a) will be b)
am c) be
11) I can’t come
to the party. I ……..my cousin at 7p.m.
a) am
meeting b) will meet c) going to meet
I think the weather …….fine tomorrow.
a) will be b) is going to be c) is



Прочитай текст. Выбери из таблицы варианты правильных ответов соответствующие указанным номерам А1-А6 так, чтобы они грамматически соответствовали содержанию текста. Обведи выбранный вариант.

Viruses (8) … (present) a special challenge to medical treatment. Traditional vaccines (9) … (consist) of either the weakened or the heat-killed virus proteins. While such vaccines (10) … (be) quite successful against some infections, they fail to cope with others. The problems in traditional immunization (11) … (sparkled) interest in new and improved vaccine models. Researches now can insert a gene from a pathogen (возбудитель инфекции) into a piece of DNA. When this (12) … (inject) into issues, a protein that (13) … (stimulate) an immune response (14) … (produce).

A. 1

a) presents

b) are present

c) is present

d) present


A. 2

a) is consisting

b) were consist

c) had consist

d) consist

A. 3

a) have been

b) is

c) are

d) were


A. 4

a) sparkled

b) sparkles

c) sparkle

d) have sparkled


A. 5

a) injected

b) injects

c) is injected

d) are injected


A. 6

a) stimulated

b) stimulates

c) is stimulating

d) were stimulating


A. 7

a) is produced

b) had produced

c) were produced

d) produced


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