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1-i am almost sure he...his exam.варианты-will pass; pass; would pass; would have passed.

10-11 класс

2-he said that he...by 7 o'clock.варианты-would be coming; would come; will come; would have come.
3-he knew that she... the next week.варианты-will retum; would be returning; would retum; would have returned.
4-he was almost sure he...the exam.варианты-would pass; will have been passing; would have passed; would be passing.
5-she said that she....english lessons twice a week.варианты-will have been taking; would have take; would be taking; would take.
6-tom said he.....to see us when he....in moscow.варианты-comes,would be; would come,was; will come,has been; came,is.

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will pass


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Заполните пропуски в предложении.

I am almost sure he ... his exam.

1) Don’t worry! I ___ (tidy) the house by the time they come. 2) This time next week we ___ (sit) the mid-year test. 3) I’m sure he ___ (agree) to show us

how to use the Internet. 4) They ___ (be) married for thirty years this January. 5) People ___ (start) living on other planets in 50 years’ time. 6) Well, I’m sure, in two days from 3 till 5 o’clock they ___ (swim) in the pool as usual. 7) I’m sure he ___ (buy) a new car by the time he graduates. 8) I’m tired. I think I ___ (stop) reading for a while. 9) This time tomorrow he ___ (take) a shower. 10) If you follow my advice, you ___ (pass) your exams with flying colors. Good luck!

1.Выбрать притяжательное илиличное местоимение в зависимости от смысла. 1) (You, your) flat is nice. 2)(He,his) is an engineer. 3)

How old is (she,her)?

4) This is (we,our)flat.

5)Are (they,their)children pupils or student?

6) Is (he,his)day off Sunday or Monday ?

7)(They, their) are at home/

8) (She,her) daughter is thirteen.

2.Заполните пропуски следущими предлогами: in, on,into,out of,from,off

1)Children, take your books .... .... your bags.

2)This is a Letter .... Peter/

3)My friend and his wife are not .... home now.They are...... their office

4)The cups are not..... the table. They are ...... the kitchen .

5)Go .....room 18, please.

6)Don' t take the letters ....the desk.

7)Please, come ...... the room.

3.Выберете существительное в общем илипритяжательном падеже в зависимости отсмыслаю

1)This is (Jane,Jane' s) Letter .

2)(These engineers, these engineers' )are not at the office now.

3)Tell (jane, Jane' s ) about your day off.

4) Don' t take(my brother, my brother' s) watch

5)( My friend, my friend' s) is twenty.

6)(These engineers, these engineers' ) letters are not on this table.

7) Take ( Mike, Mike' s) books off the table

1-he says he....the book by the time i....him to give it back.варианты-will read,asked; would have been reading,asked; will have read,ask; will have been

2-i knew his aunt....him any money.варианты-will be lending; lends; would not lend; will not lent.
3-ann said that she ...to spain the next summer.варианты-will be going; will go; goes; would go.
4-he asked them if they.....in that work.варианты-would take part; will take part; took part; would have been taken part.
5-she says that i....there tomorrow.варианты-should have been going; shall go; shall be going; should have gone.

Помогите пожалуйста с сослагательными наклонениями.

1. Nobody will understand if you...what you say.
- won't explain
-will not explain
- don't explain
- haven't explained
2. If I were you, I.. a contract with this company
- will not sigh
- would not sigh
- would not have signed
- will not have signed
3. If she...the windows, she wouldn't have had to pay for a new one
- haven't broken
- didn't break
- hadn't broken
- would break
4. If incomes are rising, the demand for goods and services…
- have increased
- would increase
- increase
- will increase
5. We…a party if Robert passes his driving test
-won’t have
-will have
- would have
- have
6. If I lived in France, I… French well
- spoke
-would speak
-will speak
-had spoken
7. I… John your message if I see him today
-would have
-would have given
-will give
8. They…any money if their cousin hadn’t lent them some
-would have
-haven’t had
- wouldn’t have had
-didn’t have
9. They will be angry if we…for them
-don’t wait
-have waited
-will wait
-won’t wait
10. I would go there if I…enough money
-would have
-should have
11. If the consultant…more careful research, he would have identified the gap in the
-had done
-have done
-will do
12. If he had come two minutes later, we… the plane
- would have missed
-had missed
-will miss
-would miss
13. I would buy that bag if it… cheaper
-will be
-would be
-had been
14. If I…you, I would never give up
-have been
-had been
15. If wages rise, unemployment
-would increase
-will increase
16.If you win that completition, you…rich
-had been
-would be
-will be
-would have been
17. If we..the equipment we would have become more cometitive
- will instailed
-had instailed
-would instailed
-have instailed
18. If it…cold, they wouldn’t have lit the fire
-were not
-would be
-hadn’t been
19.If the government…the tax incentive scheme, we would have faced serious financial difficulties
- didn’t introduce
-wouldn’t introduce
-hadn’t introduce
-won’t introduce
20. We would have to reduce out workforce if the bank..to extend out credit
- will refuse
-had refuse
-would have refused

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