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ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА 2 текста не из интернета!!! на английском языке про то как сохранить больше денег

5-9 класс

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Try to plan the budget. Place priorities. Before purchase solve, what thing at present for you is most important.For payment of monthly accounts leave the necessary sum of money.You pay in cash. Next time, going to a supermarket, take with yourself a certain sum of money which you will be able to spend today.Stop to use credit the card as when it at you is near at hand, you "are heated by thought" that you are able to afford yourselves a lot of things, including unnecessary things.Before going to shop, make the list of necessary goods. Absolutely no matter, there will be it clothes, products or household goods. It isn't necessary to go to do shopping if you specifically don't represent the purpose of your campaign. Such campaigns in shop, as a rule, come to an end with senseless expenditure of money.Stop to make rash purchases only because the price, or goods on sale seems to you attractive. Such purchases, gradually will start becoming a habit.Ask itself a question, whether really it is so necessary for you. Even if you available have money and purchase of this bagatelle won't burden you and your financial position, whether you need to think so it it is necessary.Often young girls, thumbing through glossy fashionable magazines, on covers see stylish beautiful models, and subconsciously consider that if they will follow similar style, and to buy all novelties from store counters, their life becomes such, as on a glossy cover. This popular belief.Arrange "fasting days". In eternal fight against senseless expenditure of money, psychologists recommend to arrange as often as possible "days without money", in other words days during which you won't spend "any kopek".For example, in the days off try to refrain from shopping and when the girlfriend will invite you in shopping center to be engaged in shopping, find an occasion to refuse.Going for work, study, the purse leave at home, and with itself take something in order that in a lunch break to have a bite.Try to keep account of expenses. All expenses write down. Specify a place, time, cost and the purchase name. Certainly, it can seem to you silly, but thus, you will be able to know specifically for what you spent the money.Undoubtedly, each person has a list of shops which attract him more others. If you aren't sure that you won't be able to do in any shopping center without purchases, it is better not to come there at all.Friends, learn to control own finance and itself!


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Закончить предложения, можно просто по русский написать.

1. Некоторые газеты называют...
2.Эти газеты очень...

1. Choose the correct form of the verbs

When you...Brian again, you...him
a)Will see, won't recognize b) will see, not recognize c)see, won't recognize d)see, will not recognize .
2. Complete the sentence with appropriate modal verb :
Whatever you do, you...touch that switch.It's dangerous.
a)don't have to b)mustn't c)needn't d)shouln't
3.Choose the rifht variant:
I put...salt in the soup. Prhaps too...
a)much, much b)many, much c)a lot of, much d)plenty of, much
4.Complete the sentence:
Why are you looking under the bed? Have you lost ... ?
a)any b)something c)some d)anything
5.Choose the rifht variant:
The cinema was almost empty. There were very ... people there
a)few b)a few c)little d)a little
6.Choose the corect form of the verbs:
The swimming pool ... at 9.00 and ... at 18.30 every day
a)is opening, is closing b)open, close c)opens, closes d)has opened, has closed
7.Choose the right conjunction:
Can you look after my flowers ... I am out?
a)until b)while c)as soom as d)when
8.Choose the right variant:
I wish my room... larger
a)to be b)was c)were d) will be
9.Insert the correct preposition:
I congratulated Jane... passing the exam.
a)on b)about c)for d)of
10.Choose the right variant:
I don't...money. It's not important to me.
a)care of b)care for c)care about d)care with

I. Откройте скобки, употребив глагол в правильной вре менной форме. An interesting thing (to happen)

____________to me last night. I

(to sit)_______________in my room reading, when the phone (to ring)

__________Usually I (not to run)_______________to the phone so

quickly. But this time I (to know) ___________it was something


The voice on the phone (to belong)___________to an old friend

of mine from whom I (not to hear) _________________ for ten

years. I said, «Let's meet tomorrow after I (to finish) ___________

work. I can't wait to see what you (to look)_________like now. I

wonder if you (to change) ________________». But suddenly our

talk (to interrupt)________________In vain I hoped he (to ring)

____________ back.

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