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8 Oh close the window! Look all my papers (to fall) on the floor because of the wind. 9 When you (to open) the window?- I (to open) it ten minutes ago.

10-11 класс

10 The sun lighter every minute. 11 I (to see) you walking along the street the other day with a heavy bag. 12 I (not to read) the newspaper today. 13 It is very late and trams (to stop) running: we must find a taxi to get home. 14 How many times you (to be) to St. Petersburg?

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8   Oh, close the window! Look all my papers have fallen on the floor because of the wind.

9   When did you open the window?- I opened  it ten minutes ago.

10  The sun lighted every minute.

11  I saw you walking along the street the other day with a heavy bag.

12  I have not  read the newspaper today.

13  It is very late and trams have stopped running: we must find a taxi to get home.

14  How many times have  you been to St. Petersburg?

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8 О закрыть окно! Посмотрите все мои бумаги (до осени) на полу из-за ветра. 9 Когда вы (открыть) окно - I (открыть) она десять минут назад. 10 Солнце легче каждую минуту. 11 I (видеть) вы идете по улице в другой день с тяжелой сумкой. 12 Я (не читал) газета Сегодня. 13 Это очень поздно и трамваи (остановить) работает: мы должны найти такси, чтобы добраться домой. 14 Как много раз вы (быть) в Санкт-Петербурге?


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помогите составить предложение в present simple

даны такие слова
who\have\the longest journey
видимо тут ещё нужно добавить do или does?

Поставьте предложения в вопросительную и отрицательную форму

1) He has a daughter.
2)They have a son.
3)His friends have children.
4)This student has a red pencil.
5)These students have English have books.
6)Kotov has a good Russia book.
7)We have got a new country house.
8)She has an English lesson on Thursday.
9)We have a lesson on Friday.
10)They have breakfast at seven o'clock in the morning.
11)He usually has breakfast at home.

Переведите пожалуйста на английский язык. Чтобы были соблюдены все правила грамматики.

Мои летние каникулы прошли замечательно! Я и моя семья
побывали в Китае. Мы загорали, купались, ходили по магазинам и прочее. Но больше всего мне запомнились экскурсии в древние буддийские храмы. В августе я успела съездить в лагерь, где встретила своих друзей и одноклассников.
Ты будешь устраивать вечеринку? Кого ты собираешься
пригласить? Что ты хочешь получить в подарок?

Помогите пожалуйста, сегодня задали никак не получается. Спасибо. Пожалуйста, не уходите, помогите

A great TV show demands a strong ensemble, and a strong ensemble should function like the candy aisle at a gas station. In a word: OPTIONS. You know, so many options that when you scan all the colorful wrappers you find it very difficult to settle on just one favorite. What character are you in the mood for? Peanut butter-based? Fruit-flavored? Something nourishing? Something that will make you sick because it's 3am and you haven't eaten anything since dinner, which was ice cream? For my money (which is mostly Monopoly money), TV's best gas station candy aisle is The Vampire Diaries. That is a show so stacked with compelling, heroic, villainous, sympathetic people that it can be very easy to forget that it's sort of about a love triangle. I guess the love triangle element of TVD would be the nutty, nougat-based candy bar that you could probably eat for breakfast if you were in a hurry. But me, I have always preferred the gummy candies. Are you tired of this metaphor yet? Here is the point: Ever since Rebekah Mikaelson was introduced toward the beginning of Season 3 she immediately became not just a gummy candy to me, but maybe even gummy cherries. The best gummies, basically.

Поманите пожалуйста очень нужно)

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Розкрийте дужки вживаючи диеслова у Present Perfect and Past Simple. 8 Oh close the window! Look all my papers (to fall) on the floor because of

the wind. 9 When you (to open) the window?- I (to open) it ten minutes ago. 10 The sun lighter every minute. 11 I (to see) you walking along the street the other day with a heavy bag. 12 I (not to read) the newspaper today. 13 It is very late and trams (to stop) running: we must find a taxi to get home. 14 How many times you (to be) to St. Petersburg?

раскройте скобки употребляя глаголы в present perfect или past indefinite 1.I (meet) two of my friends.I (meet)them on my way to school.2.A

month ago my uncle (build) a new house in the country.We (visit) it recently and (enjoy)ourselves very much.3.He (forget) to close the window when he (leave) the house.4.He (write) several letters this week.5.Where Helen (go)? I dont see her.-She (go) home an hour ago.6. When the concert (to begin)? 7.I dont think I ever (to see) such a beautiful garden as this one.8.Jack London (to be born)in San Francisco in an extremely poor family.9.You (to read) many books by Jack London?10.How careless you are! You (to break) your mothers favourite cup.


Откройте скобки и поставьте глагол в нужном времени. 1) We (to cook) our meals on a fire last summer. 2) My sister (to wash) the dishes every


3) I (to send) a letter to my friend tomorrow.

4) My father (to go) on a business trip last month.

Помогите пожалуйста!!1)Выберитесоответствующую форму глагола действительного залога.

The lesson _________ already. 1) Are beginning 2) Has begun 3) begin2) Выберитесоответствующую форму глагола действительного залога.
Mike often __________ home so late. 1) are coming 2) have come 3) comes3) Выберитесоответствующую форму глагола действительного залога.
I don`t want to go out now because it______________ . 1) is raining 2) rain 3) had rained4) I am so sorry! I ____________ one of your coffee cups. 1) brakes 2) am braking 3) have broken5) Jane is busy at the moment. She ________ the table fordinner. 1) is setting2) have set3) set6) Diana _______to London several times.1) has been 2) were 3) is7) Alice ______________ for the exam all day longtomorrow. 1) prepare 2) had been preparing 3) will be preparing8) Ann ____________ at the computer since 8 in the morning! 1) have sat2) has been sitting 3) sit 9) Mr. White_________ in this school for five years. 1) have been teaching 2) has been teaching 3) are teaching10) The students __________ the exam in English from 9to 11 tomorrow. 1) is taking 2) will be taking 3) had taken11) My aunt is a writer. She ____ already ______ ten books . 1) were, writing 2) has, written3) do, write12) He___________ to the station yet. 1) do not arrive 2) has not arrived 3) were not arriving13) Richard ______________ the article by 11 tomorrow. 1) translated 2) are translating 3) will have translated14) She _____________ any questions at the lessonyesterday. 1) will not be answering 2) hasnot answered 3) did not answer 15) How long ___________ Margaret __________ in this city? 1) has, been living2) have, lived 3) do, live16) When we came Father _______________ the car. 1) will repair2) has repaired3) was repairing17) Jane ____________ in Rostov before she moved to Moscow.1) had lived2) will be living3) lives18) Nick _________________ in the engineering companywhen he entered the University.
1) is being worked2) will work3) was working19) William opened the door, came into the room and___________.1) stop2) stopped 3) will stop20) Our relatives ____________ again next week.1) will come2) came3)had comeТеперь преобразовать в форму страдательного залога21) Выберитесоответствующую форму глагола страдательного залога.
Theprogram ____________ next Friday. 1) was changed 2) will bechanged3) are changed22) Thedocuments __________________ tomorrow.1) were signed2) are signed3) will be signed23) Dinner____________ by mygrandmother every day. 1) were cooked 2) have cooked3) is cooked24) Thisproblem ____________ at the meeting tomorrow.1) will bediscussed 2) wasdiscussed 3) have discussed25) Thetexts __________________ by the students every Monday. 1) aretranslated 2) hadtranslated 3) was translated26) Lastyear the delegation _____________ by theMinister. 1) had headed2) is headed3) was headed27) Theguests __________________ the places ofinterest next week. 1) will beshown 2) is shown 3) shown 28) I ____________ a cat yesterday. My sister liked it very much. 1) was given 2) am given 3) has given29) Theletters ____________ every day. 1) sent 2) are sent 3) was sent30) Jane______ about it ten minutes ago. 1) was asked 2) will haveasked 3) are asked31) Thefilm ____________ on TV last Monday. 1) is shown 2) shown 3) was shown32) Thehouse ________________ after the war . 1) was rebuilt 2) are rebuilt 3) will have rebuilt33) Thechild ____________ to the circus two days ago. 1) was taken 2) are taken3) will have taken34) Anew railway line __________________ inthis region next year. 1) will beconstructed 2) wereconstructed 3) are constructed

можно перевод,а то совсем не успеваю( New York is the largest city in the United States and one of the largest in the world. It is in the southeastern

corner of New York State, where the Hudson River empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Five towns joined together make up the city of New York. The town of Manhattan takes up Manhattan Island. The Bronx, another town, is on the mainland, north of Manhattan and Queens. The fifth town, Staten Island, is in New York Bay. Beginning in the 1880s, great numbers of Europeans moved to the United States. Many of them landed first in Statue of Liberty as they antered New York Bay. The “Big Apple”, as New York City is nicknamed, has an energy that few other cities can equal. John F. Kennedy International Airport is one of the busiest in the world. More ships come into New York’s harbour than into any other port in the world. The city is a leading many Factoring center. It’s chief industries are clothing, printing and publishing. New York can be called the financial capital of the world. The United Nations has it’s headquarters in Manhattan. New York is a great cultural and educational center, too. It is the art, music and drama capital of the United States. It is museums, art galleries, libraries, zoos, and botanical gardens are world famous. If you want to have a good view of New York City, you can do it from the top of the World Trade Center (110 stories) or from the Empire State Building (102 stories). You can see the newest plays and shows on Broadway. If you are interested in art, you should visit the famous Metropolitan Art Museum. If you want to sit quietly and people-watch, you should go to one of the city’s many parks. The largest of them is Central Park

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