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"Fill the gap with one suitable word. Michael Smith gets up at (14)…past eight every Sunday morning and has (15)…with his family. "

5-9 класс

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Michael Smith gets up at (14) five past eight every Sunday morning and has (15) breakfast with his family.


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Поставь глаголы , данные в скобках , в present simple. John Fields1 ) ... (be) a farmer.He 2)...(get up) at 5 o'clock in the morning . He 3)...(wash)

,4)...(get) dressed and 5) ..(have) breakfast. He 6)..(put on) his coat and 7) ...(go) outside. He 8)...(milk) the cows early in the morning .His wife and chilren 9)..(not/get up) so early. They 10) ...(get up) at 7 o'clock . His Wife 11) ... (feed) the chickens and then she 12) ... (make) some tea for herself.The chilren 13) ...(not/like) tea. They 14) ...(drink) milk.At 7:30 am, John 15)...(take) the chilren to school.His wife 16)...(help)John on the farm and then she 17)...(do)the housework.At 4o'clock , the children 18)...(come) home from school.Mrs Fields 19)...(cook)dinner.John 20)...(not/help) his wife with the cooking because he can't cook.In the evening , John and his wife 21) ...(watch) TV or 22)...(listen) to the radio .The children 23)...(not/watch) TV. They 24) ...(do) their homework.They all 25)...(go) to bed at 9:00 pm.

2. Complete the sentences, using Conditional II and III.

1. My brother would not have missed so many lessons if he _____________________(not to hurt) his leg.

2. If they __________________ (not to go) to Moscow last year, they would not have heard that famous musician.

3. I you were not so careless about your health, you ___________________ (to consult) the doctor.

4. I _____________________ (to write) the composition long ago if you had not disturbed me.

5. If he _____________________ (not to read) so much, he would not be so clever.

6. If you ____________________ (to be) a poet, you would write beautiful poetry.

7. If he _____________________ (to come) to our house yesterday, he would have met his friend.

8. My father would have more free time if he _______________________ (not to read) so many newspapers.

9. You would not feel so bad if you _______________________ (not to smoke) too much.

10. If Barbara ___________________________ (to get) up at half past eight, she would have been late for school.

помогите выбрать правильную форму глаголов

My brother, Sean,___(get up) at twenty past eight. We ___(have) breakfast and the we ___(leave) home at guarter to nine. I ____(walk)to school and Sean ___(ride) his bike. We ___(have) lunch at school at half past tweive. I ___(have) a cheese sandwich. Sean_____(have) two chocolate bars and some sweets. At half past three we ___(go) home. I ____(do)my homework and Sean ___(watch) TV. We ____(have) dinner at guarter to seven. I _____(go) to bed at half past nine and Sean ___(go) to bed at guarter to eleven.

12×2=24 points) Read the letter. Put the positive and negative full forms of the verbs in the correct form. Put the answers only in full forms with one

space between them! Вводим/записываем полные формы глаголов через один пробел между словами возле соответствующего номера (если в скобках указано местоимение или наречие, то их также вводим/записываем на нужном месте!)

Dear Sal,

You’ll never guess where I (11. __________ write) from, I (12. __________ sit) in the garden of a hotel overlooking Lake Windermere. The hotel we (13. _______________ stay) in is amazing! It’s so good to get away. Every morning I (14. __________ get) up at 7 o’clock and I (15. __________ go) for a swim in the lake before breakfast. Since we arrived, we (16. _______________ do) a lot of sightseeing but we (17. ____________________ not/visit) the castle yet.

We are watching the boats coming and going all morning and the owner of the hotel (18. ____________________ just/suggest) that we take a boat trip this afternoon. There is a boat that leaves at 2 o’clock that we can take to cross the lake to Wray Castle—it sounds like fun.

We have certain plans. We (19. _______________ travel) to Scotland this weekend to visit relatives and then we (20. _______________ return) to London next week.

I was happy to hear you’re going to Paris this summer, (21. _______________ you/book) the tickets yet? It’s an amazing city, so I’m sure you (22. _______________ have) a great time. You’re so lucky!

Email me soon and tell me your news.


Last Tuesday I got up at half past six. I went to the bathroom and washed my hands and face and cleaned my teeth. Then I dressed , went to the kitchen and

cooked breakfast for my family. At half past seven my son got up and had breakfast. I had breakfast with my son. My son ate a sandwich and drank a cup of tea. I didn't drink tea. I drank coffee. After Breakfast my son left home for school. I didn't leave home with my son. On Tuesday I didn't work in the morning. I worked in the afternoon. In the evening I was at home. My husband and my son were at home, too. We rested in the evening. My son watched TV, my husband read newspapers and I did some work about the house. At about eleven o'clock we went to bed.

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