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10-11 класс

1) Our teacher always
speaks English in class. (3)

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1 )How often does our teacher speak English in class
2) Who sometimes have English in evening
3) What do my friends at the Ministry of Foreign Trade
4) How often  do we have dictations in class
5) Do they a lot exersises at home
6) Who are hauing our English now


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вставте дієстово to be y Future Simple

1.He.. a student next year
2. I...at home tomorrow.
3. ... you be at home on Sunday?
4/ She ... not be at work on Suturday.
5 Where... you... in two days?
6. We...not...in the country.
7. He.. a pilot when he grows up.
8. I...at school.
9. She....willl not will a doctor, she .. a teacher.
10. It... a good idea.
11. ... he... here in some hours?
12. I...shall not.. a teacher.
13.Where.. we.. next month?
14. .. they...in the park?
15. They ..not...in the garden.

Why do we need to learn fareign languages?

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Поставьте вопросы к подлежащим в следующих предложениях:

take my children to the nursery school every day.We
do not get up at seven o’clock every morning.My
friends’ children go to school.Mr.
Orlov works at our Ministry.His
wife is not an architect, she is an economist.Our
books are on the shelf.They
are not in room 10.I
do not drink coffee every morning.Her
children drink milk every day.His
books are on the table.

Поставьте вопросы к выделенным словам:

students answer the teacher’s
questions during the lesson (2).

XV. Поставьте вопрос к выделенным словам в предложении.

Начните вопрос с указанного слова.
1. The Missouri and the Mississippi are the largest rivers in the
USA. What …
2. Englishmen have bacon and eggs for breakfast. What…
3. The government spends a lot of money on education. How much

4. The US president lives in the White House. Where …
5. Japan produces good cars. What

поставить вопрос к выделенным словам

1,She often tells me about her work (3)--выд. слова- She me about her work
2.My books are on the table (2)-- выд.слова -My books on the table
3.Our engineers must sent three documents to foreign firms (4) -- выд слова -Our engineers three documents
4. I spoke to the director of the factory on the phone yesterda.(3)--выд слова I to the director of the factory yesterda
5. I was in Kiev two weeks ago (2)-- in Kiev two weeks ago
6. The students are answering the teacher's questions (3)--The students the teacher's questions
7.I was working at my office at 3 o'clock yesterday (3)--I at my office at 3 o'clock
8. We have done business with this firm (2)--We with this firm
9. The director had finished the talks with foreiqn businessmen when I came to him (3)--The director the talks with foreiqn businessmen
10. We will conclude a lot of agreements with this firm (4)--We a lot of agreements with this firm

Поставь вопросы к выделенным словам: 1)There are five good students in our group (1). 2. There will be a good park in

our city (1). 3.There is a large blackboard in our classroom (2) .4 There are English books on my table (1). 5 There are no mistakes in my exercise-book (1) . 6 There will be a theatre near my sister*s house in three years (2).

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