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помогите плис переведите предложения к,хочет она мороженое?хотят они пойти в парк?хочет паула с нами пойти в парк?

5-9 класс

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10 нояб. 2016 г., 17:02:20 (4 года назад)

does she want an ice-cream? do they want to go to the park? does paula want to go to the park with us?

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10 нояб. 2016 г., 18:39:04 (4 года назад)

1. Does she want an ice-cream?

2 Do they want to go to the park ?

3Does Paula want to go to the park with us?


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A lot of teenagers keep pets at home. Some of them are very common. Duncan's pet is a budgie. Its name is Whipper the Budgie. Duncan likes his bird

very much. He often watches it flying around the house. Duncan always laughs when he sees Whipper dance in front of the mirror. One morning when Duncan was still asleep he felt Whipper's beak touch his lips and heard his bird say loudly "Hel­lo!". Later Duncan noticed Whip­per say "Goodbye". Now there are several words in Whipper's vocabulary. Some people buy danger­ous animals as pets; crocodiles for ex­ample. In Florida you can see a young man walking a crocodile! In Canada one family keeps a buffalo as a pet. They call him Buffalo Bailey and love to watch it raring on the farm ground. Julia Lloyd has a pet that can change the colour of its skin. Have you ever heard of such animals? They are chameleons [ka'rnilrenz]. They are very beautiful but they are not easy pets. Julia often watches her pet changing the colour of its skin and climbing the tree in its big cage. Have you got any pets at home? What are they like? Do you think that any animal can make a good pet? Перевидите пожалуйста,только правельно а то переводчик покарявому переводит.

задайте общие вопросы к предложениям и ответьте на них 1.She likes animals. 2.You have holidays in summer. 3.They play football

in the afternoon.

4.We go to the library on Saturday.

5.His mother cooks dinner in the morning.

6.His father reads newspapers every evening.

7.Alex and Max listen to the radio at eight o`clock.

1. brother\part\is\the\match\in\going\to\football\take\My\.

2. she\Does\the\at\weekend\go\to\country\the\?

3. are\What\you\do\to\going\week\next\?

Создать предложения.

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помогите пожалуйста сделать английский. 1)Составьте предложения , правильно расставив слова . Переведите предложения на руссий язык . Составьте

отрицательные и вопросительные предложения.

1)favourable , be. will, tomorow, the, weather, forecast .

2)was, yeateday , it, windy, cloudy, and .

3)is, rainy, and , it ,today , cold.

4) in, summer, the, hot, weather, and , sunny , is.

5) It, in, the, was , morning , foggy.


переведите предложения, постройте отрицание и вопрос к ним?

СРОЧНО!!!Переведите предложения( IСРОЧНО!!!

Переведите предложения( I wish...)
1)Жаль, что он такой легкомысленный
2)Я жалею, что не послушал его совета
3)Жаль, что вы пришли так поздно
4)Обидно, что мы ушли до его прихода
5)К сожалению они знают об этом
6)Жаль, что вы отказались принять участие в пикнике
7)Жаль, что вас не интересует этот предмет
8)Жаль, что мы опоздали на поезд

1.переведите предложения из активной1.переведите предложения из активной в пассивную конструкцию. 6. Thick snow covered everything. 7. They didn' t

ask her name. 8. The secretary is still typing the letter. 9. He described his new flat for me. 10. Mum will cut the meat and chop it.2. Расскройте скобки. 7. When our orden (to deliver) ? 8. Their names (not to mention) in the titles. 9. He (to interview) by the police at five o'clock yesterday. 10. A lot of pollution (to cause) every year. 11. When gold (to discover) there? 12. Many new species of insects (to discover) every year.3. Переведит предложения. 2. Ученикам объявят результаты тестов до конца дня. 4. Счет будет оплачен вовремя. 6. Об этой книге много говорят.

4. Выберите требуемую по смыслу форму глагола и переведите предложения на русский язык: 1. If I have time I

(go, will go) to the Tretyakov Gallery.

2. If I were you I (will go, would go) to the Tretyakov Gallery tomorrow.

3. If he (studied, had studied) hard he would have entered Moscow University.

5. Переведите предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание н согласование времен:

1. She told me that she had many friends in Moscow.

2. The teacher asked the students who had been to the Tretyako Gallery.

3. He said that he would go to Lake Baikal the following week.

6. Переведите предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на причастные обороты:

1. The Volga flowing into the Caspian Sea is the biggest river in Europe.

2. Russia is a land of a great number of rivers, some of them being among the longest in the world.

3. Numerous canals join all the rivers in the European part of Russia making it the largest water route in Europe.

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