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Хелп! Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb. 1.Neither my friend nor I like / likes music. 2. Either Kate or Ann

5-9 класс

was watching / were watchig this film last night.

3.Both my sister and my brother like / likes music.

4.Either Father or Mother are / is at home now.

5.Neither my dog nor my cat have / has eaten the bread.

6.Both the students and the teacher were / was late for theif first lesson.

7.Both Alice and her sister are / is in the garden.

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1.Neither my friend nor I like  music. - Ни мой друг, ни я не любим музыку.

2. Either Kate or Ann was watching this film last night.- Либо Кейт, либо Энн смотрели этот фильм вчера вечером.

3.Both my sister and my brother like music. - И моя сестра, и мой брат любим музыку.

4.Either Father or Mother is  at home now.- Либо отец, либо мать сейчас дома.

5.Neither my dog nor my cat has eaten the bread.- Ни моя собака, ни моя кошка не съели хлеб.

6.Both the students and the teacher  were late for theif first lesson.-  И студенты, и учитель опоздали на свой первый урок.

7.Both Alice and her sister are in the garden. - И Алиса, и ее сестра в саду.



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2. were watching

3. like

4. is 

5. has eaten   но здесь не уверена

6. were late

7. are 


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