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10-11 класс

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Помогите составить общий, специальный, альтернативный, разделительный и вопрос к подлежащему. К этому тексту.

More and more students at school and university are using the internet to cheat* in their coursework. In Britain, about 25 % of students copy material from the internet when they write their homework. In the USA there is a similar problem. One report showed that about 54 % of students copy from the internet when they prepare for the lessons.
Of course, students rightly use the internet to help them research a topic when they are doing coursework or writing an essay. But some of them also copy and include material from the internet into their own essays without indicating that they are using someone else's work. For example, a student who has to write an essay on Shakespeare can find lots of different essays on particular plays and themes in Shakespeare and copy one of them. So they no longer have to read books in libraries, take notes and plan their own essay.
The internet has certainly helped students to avoid the hard work of writing an original essay, but it is not the only reason why cheating is increasing. In recent years, students' attitudes to school and university have changed. In the past, students had a more idealistic attitude towards a university education. University broadened their minds. Nowadays, a lot of students are more practical in their attitude. They are only interested in passing the exams. They want a degree only to help them get a good job.
Teachers and examiners want to stop cheating in school and university, but they do not agree about how to solve the problem. Some teachers think a student's final grade shouldn't depend on his/her coursework. They think that it is better to have traditional (time-limited) written exams that are held in an examination room. Another way to stop cheating is to have an oral exam at the end of the course. If students cannot answer questions about their coursework, this could indicate that they have cheated. At the same time, the oral exam would give the examiner a better idea of students' real knowledge of the subject.

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