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Помогите срочно нужно образовать от слов нужную часть речи

10-11 класс

Всё на фото срочно надо

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1) referring
3) enduration
4) easily
5) windy
6) overrun
7) riders
8) experienced
9) surprisingly


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Put in the correct verb forms and the nouns into the gaps . use present progressive помогите решить эти примеры 1) in the lake? (Lisa/to swim) 2) your

brother? (you/ to help) 3) a museum? (he/ to visit) 4) her T-shirt? ( Doris/ to wash) 5) home? (they/ to run) 6) to the radio? (Henry/ to listen) 7) the buckets? (the boys/ to carry) 8) the string of the kite? (she/ to hold) 9) breakfast? (we/ to make) 10) the computer? (ron and Fred/ to check)

Переведите на английский: 1.Що ти робиш?Я готую доповідь. 2.Вона дуже спокійна.Що вона робить? 3.Ти мені віриш?Так я тобі вірю. 4.Він знає що ти

помиляешся. 5.Я ненавиджу холодну погоду. 6.Як ви себе почуваете?Не погано. 7.Зараз вона мені подобается. 8.Мій чоловік зараз в саду.Він поливає квіти. 9.Щ о ти хочеш?Я хочу пити. 10.Пробачте але я не згоден з вами. 11.Вона шукає одяг в цей час. 12.Він ніколи не погоджується з тим,що я кажу. 13.Ви мене розумієте?Ні я вас не розумію. 14.Вони спостерігають зараз за нами. 15.Ти мене шукаеш?Ні я шукаю твою сестру. 16 Я часто працюю в ночі,тому у мене сьогодні вихідний. 17.Чому ви надаете перевагу:прогулянкам чи поїздкам? 18.Зараз вона малює в сусідній кімнаті. 19.Що ви думаете про спорт? 20.Чим вони займаються?Вони обговорюють мою нову книгу.

перепиши предложения, заменяя имена собственные местоимениями he, she, it.

1) I can see Polly. Polly is little. Polly is funny. Polly is good.
2) I can see Nick. Nick is big. Nick is sad.
3) Rex is a dog. Rex is good. Rex is red.

Помогите перевести текст

1. The land of Ukraine is vast and beautiful, its fields are fertile, the energy of the mighty Dnieper River is enormous. Ukraine represents a large economic region in Europe. Many giant industrial enterprises, dams and hydro-electric stations, thousands of factories, new cities and towns came into being in Ukraine.
2. Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Its population is some three million people.
3. Kyiv is the largest centre of national Ukrainian culture. There are many research institutes, the Academy of Science of Ukraine, many higher and hundreds of secondary schools in Kyiv. The University, which bears the name of Shevchenko stands in the centre of the city. Kyiv has a history that goes back for more than ten centuries.
4. Kyiv is a highly developed industrial city. There are many engineering, instrument-building, food processing and light industry establishments in Kyiv. The Kyiv plants and factories produce complex automatic lathes, excavators, sea and river ships, motor-cycles, electrical measuring instruments, planes machine-tools, artificial fibres and diamonds. The Ukrainian scientists
discovered the way of manufacturing artificial diamonds and developed the methods of electric welding. They made outstanding progress in nuclear physics, chemistry and other branches of science.
5. Ukraine exports manufactured goods to more than 70 foreign countries. The achievements are so great thanks to the efforts of the Ukrainian people and the fraternal assistance of other people of the world.

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а) Вставьте в предложения нужные по смыслу слова: somebody, something, anybody, anything:

1. Give me ... to read please.
2. There is not ... in the room.
3. ... is standing at the door.
4. There is not ... in the box.
б) Вставьте в предложения нужные по смыслу слова: nobody, nothing, everybody, everything:
1. I know ...about medicine.
2. ... read this book.
3. We read ... about it.
4. He understand ... in this article.
5. ...can speak French.
в) Подставьте подходящий по смыслу модальный глагол:
1. Mike ... speak English and French.
2. ... I ask you a question?
3. I ... not drink my tea it's too hot.
4. ... not be true.
5.You ... tell me the truth.
6. ... I use your telephone?
Помогите, пожалуйста,очень нужно((

Образуйте от слова MOVE однокоренное слово так, чтобы оно грамматически и лексически соответствовало содержанию текста.

Migrating Birds

In autumn you can see large flocks of birds flying from Russia to warmer countries. In spring, they come back to us. Migration is the periodic seasonal ______ of birds.

Прочтите и переведите стихотворение устно. Выпишите всевстречающиеся в стихотворении части речи. Укажите принятое английскоесокращение выписанных частей

речи. Внесите в таблицу неупомянутые встихотворении части речи PARTS OF SPEECHThree little words we often seeAre articles a, an and the.A noun is the name of anything,As house, silver, school or king.Adjectives tell the kind of noun,As great, small, pretty, white or brown.Instead of noun the pronoun is,As mine, your, ours or his.Verbs tell of something being done —To read, count, laugh or run.How things are done the adverbs tell,As slowly, quickly, ill or well.Conjunctions join the words together,As love or hatred, wind and weather.The preposition stands beforeA noun, as by or through a door.The interjection shows surprise,As Oh, how funny! Ah, how wise!The whole are called the parts of speechWhich reading, writing, speaking teach

1). Перепишите предложения. Подчеркните герундий и причастие I. Укажите их функцию в предложении.

1). Do you mind my closing the window?
2). I saw him dancing the twist.
3). He has had very much experience in teaching.
4). The rain prevented her from coming.
5). She is a loving mother.

2). Распределите слова по частям речи.
higher, writer, length, twelfth, different, movement.

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