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5-9 класс

Task 1. Fill in the blanks with the following words. Use only one word in each space (12 points).
participants, competition, news, chance, won, tour, wood, chance in a million, lucky, luck, prize, world
Mr. Green: Hello!
Jack: Good evening. This is Jack. Can I speak to Bob, please?
Mr. Green: Hang on a moment, Jack. I’ll get him.
Bob: Hi, Jack! What’s up?
Jack: Hi, Bob! Good 1) … . Did you answer the questions for the World Teenagers’ 2) …?
Bob: Yes, I did. And you helped me. We both tried our 3) … .
Jack: We have 4)… it! We are 5)…!
Bob: That’s great! It was a 6) … . There were many 7) … . But we were in 8) ... and we won a 9) … .
Jack: So get ready for the 10) … round the 11) … .
Bob: Touch 12) … .
Jack: OK. Bye!
Task 2. The word in capitals in the right column can be used to form a word that fits suitably in the blank space of the following sentences. Fill each blank in this way (5 points).
Mark Twain was a … writer.
He wrote many … stories.
His books read in … .
Tom was a very … boy.
He was very … .
Task 3. Choose the correct answer (5 points).
They didn’t understand (each other/ one another).
Did you enjoy (to travel/travel/ travelling)?
Would you mind (closing/ to close/ close) the window?
Can I (speak/ speaking/ to speak) to Paul?
Classmates helped (each other/ one another) in that difficult situation.
Answer any three questions from the advertisement (3 points).
Can you describe yourself in five words?
What would you most like to change in yourself?
What’s you motto?
How do you see yourself in 10 years time?
How do you see our planet in 10 years?
Act out with your partner (5 points).
Pupil 1: You call your friend and you would like to invite him/ her to the cinema. But your friend is not at home. Ask his/ her sister/ brother to take a message for your friend.
Pupil 2: Your brother / sister is not at home. But his/ her friend phones him/ her. Take a phone message for your brother/ sister from his/ her friend.

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Task 1.
Mr. Green: Hello!
Jack: Good evening. This is Jack. Can I speak to Bob, please?
Mr. Green: Hang on a moment, Jack. I’ll get him.
Bob: Hi, Jack! What’s up?
Jack: Hi, Bob! Good 1) news. Did you answer the questions for the World Teenagers’ 2) competition?
Bob: Yes, I did. And you helped me. We both tried our 3) chance.
Jack: We have 4) won it! We are 5) lucky!
Bob: That’s great! It was a 6) chance in a million. There were many 7) participants. But we were in 8) luck and we won a 9) prize.
Jack: So get ready for the 10) tour round the 11) world.
Bob: Touch 12) wood.
Jack: OK. Bye!

Task 2.
Mark Twain was a successful writer.
He wrote many funny stories.
His books read in Russian??? (странное предложение... может быть His books are read in Russian) 
Tom was a very creative boy. He was very helpful.

Task 3.
They didn’t understand (each other).
Did you enjoy (travelling)?
Would you mind (closing) the window?
Can I (speak) to Paul?
Classmates helped (one another) in that difficult situation.

 WRITING Answer any three questions from the advertisement.
Can you describe yourself in five words? – Возможный ответ (я же не знаю тебя)))): I'm a sociable, honest, purposeful, hardworking, creative person.


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2. Hov___________________________?-By car/
3.How long_______________________for?-Two Weeks.
4._______________________________?-We went sightseeing and swemming in the sea.
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Задание по английскому, 9класс. Помогите, пожалуйста. I am personally very interested in a career working with children. My parents think I am a

caring person with good communication skills. Since my childhood I have wanted to be either a nursery school or primary school teacher. These careers require further study after Year 11. So I am taking A levels in English, drama and IT* at college. I also take part in the college events —this is something pos-itive that I can write in my CV together with my work experience. I helped in both a nursery and a primary school. I thought it would allow me to develop both my key skills and my personal qualities. I asked the people who I worked with what qualifications they had done. They talked to me about the good aid bad aspects of the job of a teacher and what they liked about it. It is hard work but it allows you to fee] personal achievement, to feel respect, besides the salary is good. I liked to belong to a team and my work helped me to improve my confidence and to get the skills that I need for higher education or employment. Now I plan to go on to higher education after college. But if I decide to cliaiige any career in the future, I am certain that neither my skills nor experience will be useless to me.
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What does Layla want to be a teacher?
What skills does she have?
What is necessary for a teaching career?
Has She got any work experience?
What did she do? Did she like it?
What did she expect from her work experience?
Was it useful?
What did she learn from the people she worked with?
Are there any good and bad aspects of the job of a teacher?
What is she going to do to achieve her career goals?

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я пишу письмо на английском "you write me that you ......"
какое время мне использовать после you?
я хочу сказать " ты мне пишешь что ты не любишь спорт"
нужно использовать reported speach или просто настоящие время
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Существует много различий между мужчиной и женщиной , но большинство из них является стереотипами. Говорят, что мужчины любят собираться в большой компании и там есть лидер. Но это является стереотипом , ведь мужчины, также , как и женщины предпочитают иметь равные права в общении. Всем известен факт, что у женщины одна лучшая подруга , с которой она общается. Говорят, что мужчины предпочитают большие компании, но это стереотип. Большинство мужчин, также как и женщин предпочитают иметь одного лучшего друга. Хотя, несмотря на все научные теории об общении мужчин и женщин есть исключения. Каждый человек в праве выбирать свою позицию и мы не можем точно сказать , что является стереотипом, а что является фактом.

Помогите пожалуйста, я пятиклассница, надо перевести с английского на русский : Ask your new friends questions about them. For exmaple : Who's

their favorite singer? Where do they live? What do they do after school? What are their hobbies?

Don't forget to say "Thank you".

Be a good friend.

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