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I like this travel agency because they always offer... a)package tours b)coomplex programs c)complicated tours d)packages

5-9 класс

Help me! :(

Rybo4ka8 10 окт. 2015 г., 21:56:54 (8 лет назад)
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10 окт. 2015 г., 23:28:01 (8 лет назад)

a)package tours  )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


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Дорогой друг,
Я счастлива,что мы будем друзьями по переписке. Давай расскажу о себе немножко.
Я Люба Дрыгина,мне 12 лет. Я живу в красивом городе Угличе. У меня есть брат. В свободное время я люблю играть в ноутбук. И гулять с друзьями.
Я не играю в баскетбол. Ещё я люблю играть а игру The sims 3.
В школе я люблю английский и математику. Это все,что я хотела рассказать о себе.
С наилучшими пожеланиями Люба

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Copy the sentence. Use an appropriate pronoun some or any.
1. I don't need ___ help. I can manage it.
2. Is the water fresh? Can i have ___?
3. Have you got ___ money? --- Only two pounds.
4. Would you like ___ juice? --- Yes,pleace.
5/ I don't like ___ pop music. I prefer jazz.
Если можно, с переводом

помогите пожалуйста с тестом

how long have lived here ?
a) for ages
b) we lived here for two years
c) i haven`t

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Помогите, пжлст,выбрать правильный ответ!!! Нет времени!!! Потом обязательно помогу!!!

3 He knows everything, that's why his friends call him a walking... A)book B)notebook C)encyclopedia D)genius
4 My friend gave me a new ... of the cake. A)recipe B)prescription C)remedy D)subscription
5 He bought a new digital ... to take pictures during the trip. A)photographer B)photograph C)camera D)film
6 We all liked the design of the new... A)money B)credit C)banknote D)change
7 Some people in the country don't like the ... policy of the government. A)domestic B)inner C)inside D)introvert
8 I like this agency because they always offer... A)package B)complex programs C)complicated tours D)packages

Fill in the gaps with appropriate words from the text. Don’t write more than one word in each gap. Then transfer your answers to the table.

Nowadays different people buy different 1) … policies. People who own cars buy car insurance, People who own flats and houses buy 2) … insurance, and for people, who travel a lot, travel insurance is highly recommended.
When we travel, something can go wrong and we have to face some 3) … risks. We can get ill, or our luggage can be 4) … or damaged or even stolen. Most people buy travel insurance from travel agencies because they want to have some 5) … during vacations and don’t want to worry about anything.

Underline the correct verb. 1.They always pick/rake flovers in May 2.They sometimes play/go

in the snow.

3.They usually shine/rake leaves in the autumn.

4.They always go/play swimming in the summer.

5. It's warm and the sun is shining/raking .

6.It's raining greatly/heavily now.

7.It's swimming/freezing today.

8. It's very cold/hod today. We can go swimming.

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You can see these red double-decker buses in London. They are tall but they are not very fast. Tourists like taking these buses because they can have a nice view of the city from the upper deck.

Black cabs are special taxis that have a lot of room for passengers and their luggage. Black cab drivers take a test of their knowledge of London, as they have to know all of the 25,000 streets within 10 km of the city centre!

Помогите, пожалуйста.6 класс. Срочно надо.

Надо исправить ошибки.
1.Are you like this book?
2.Does they help homeless dogs?
3.Where they are?
4.When is he plays tennis?
6.Who does help Mum every day?
7.Why is they at home?
8.When his birthday?
9.Meat expensive in Russia?
10.Who she is sad?

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