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Fill in the blanks. Use a dictionary.помогите

5-9 класс

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Вот перевод! Заполните пропуски. Используйте словарь.

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13 июля 2013 г., 7:31:21 (9 лет назад)

Что сделать надо?


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напишите пожалуйста ответы на вопросы))

What do you usually cook for the New Year dinner? - Что вы обычно готовите на Новый год?

What presents would you like to receive? - Что ты хочешь получить в подарок?

Have you already decorated your house? - Вы уже украсили свой дом?

Put the words in the correct order ПОМОГИТЕ


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I. 1.Fill in the blanks choosing the correct variant. 1) He was guite ... with us. a. Frank b.Frankly 2) ... speaking I don't

like casual clothes

a.Frankly b. Frank

2.Fill in the blanks choosing the correct variant.

1)She was siting at the table and he was standing ...

a. beside b. besides

2) All the children ... Tom decided to go on excursion.

a.besides b.beside

Fill in the blanks with do, does, is, or are. 1. Where she work?

2. When you finish school?

3. Why you like that movie?

4. When the game?

5. What your brother's name?

6. Where my jacket?

7. How old your parents?

8. When Dan eat dinner?

9. What the answer to question number 5?

10. How the boys like the class?

Fill in the blanks with do, does, is, are.

1. Where you live?

2. How you?

3. When they come to school?

4. Where she work?

5. Why Kim sad?

6. Who your teacher?

7. What their names?

8. Who you sit with in class?

9. When the boys go to sleep?

10. How Tom like his new car?

Срочно прошу помогите пожалуйста Test №1. Fill in the blanks with the following words. Use only one word in each space. part, world, chance, luck, have,

in luck, win, million, lucky, round, worth, prize, competition, miss. Hello Den, I am in Canada. It’s wonderful. There is a lot of sunshine and lakes with warm water. You are surprised to get my message, aren’t you? As you know last summer I tried my … and took … in the World Teenagers’ Competition. It was a chance in a … . But it was … trying to … something for nothing. I was … luck and won the … . Now I and 47 other … winners will travel … the world. I enjoy visiting new places and finding new friends all over the … . I will send you postcards from the countries which we are going to visit. But you also … a chance to visit them. Take part in the same … next year. Don’t … your chance. Good … . Best wishes, Mike.

Помогите: Fill in the blanks- 1.I am sick and tired ....... explainig to him what his duties are. 2.What is......longest river


3.This is the man.......children won the competition.

4.If it....(to rain) yeasterday,she....(to miss)our engagement.

5.Ann wishes she....... (no/to be seen) in that old-fashioned dress at the party.

6.How many parts does the book consist.......?

7........a rule,I try not to eat in the afternoon

Task 1.Fill in the blanks with the following verbs: get/getting, go/going, watch/watching, rain/raining, drive/driving.

1.What time do you usually… up in the morning?
2.Where are you…?- To the shop.
3.Did you… television last night?
4.Put up your umbrella. It’s… .
5.The police stopped her because she was… the car too fast.
Task 2.Choose the correct answer for each of the sentences:
1.If his nose were smaller, he … very handsome. a) would be b) was
2.I would come if I … a car. a) would have b) had
3.If she hadn’t told him, he … . a) will never find out b)would have never found out
4.If I … about it, I would have told you. a) know b) had known
5. I wish I … win the competition. a) could b) have
6. He wishes we … good friends. a) are b) were
Task 3. Choose the correct modal verb for each of the sentences:
1.When I was 5, I … speak English. a) can b) will be able to c) could
2.Kate is a very talented girl. She… sing and dance. a) could b)can c) was able to
3.I think I… to the party on Friday. a) will able come b) will be able to come c) will come
Task 4. Turn the following sentences into reported speech using the words in brackets:
1.”You should go to the doctor.” ( my mum/advise)
2.”Open the window,please.” ( our teacher/ ask)
3.”Don’t be late!” ( his dad/ tell)
4.”Let’s go to the theatre.” ( my friend/ suggest)

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