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Допоможіть скласти запитання)) Diane has just bought a new sweater . (....... , ......... she?)

5-9 класс

Dust19992000 10 окт. 2013 г., 4:52:40 (9 лет назад)
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10 окт. 2013 г., 5:35:59 (9 лет назад)

Diane has just bought a new sweater, hasn't she?


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подчеркните ошибку в каждом втором предложении и напишите правильный вариант ответа

1) 'There's a mouse in the kitchen!' said Martha.
Martha said there had been a mouse in the kitchen
2) We've won every match this year,' Amy said.
Amy said they won every match that year
3)'I broke my leg two weeks ago,' said Spencer.
Spencer said he had broken his leg two weeks ago.
4) We'd heard the song before,' Rore said.
Rore said he had heard the song before.
5)I've been working since four o'clock,' said Dad.
Dad said he was working since four o'clock.
6) 'We're spending tomorrow by the swimming pool,' Belinda said.
Belinda said they have spent the next day by the swimming pool

Помогите перевести текст:

Ben: Do you like the zoo,Ann?
Ann: Yes,I do.It is great.What is that animal over there?
Ben: Which one? What does it look like?
Ann: It has a long neck and long legs.
Ben: That is a giraffe.They are so beautiful.
Ann: Yes, they ara.Look,what is that up in the tree?
Ben: It is a monkey.
Ann: Ah! I dont like monkeys.
Ben: Who not?
Ann: They are noisy.
Ben: I find them cute.Anyway,let is go and see the bears.
Ann: OK

Future Tenses 1) My uncle (make) a speech on Friday 2) I (take) my sister to the ballet tomorrow 3) The cat (have) kittens

4) He (play) at wimbledon next summer

5) The headmaster is standing up. He (make) a speeah

6) He (not give) a leoture tonight

7) I (know) the result in a week

8) You (hare) time to help me tomorrow

9) Do you think he (recognize) me?

10) I (remember) this da are my life?

11) Do you remember to book seats? Oh, I forget. I (telephone) for then not

12) You have got a lot of paint. You (redecor) your kitchen

13) You (open) the door for me, please

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mplete the sentences. Do as in example. Long form. 1.He has just written the letter. 2 I have already done the test. May I go


3. We...... just seen the film.A funny comedy.

4. .....she been to Africa? No,she ..... not.

5. The girls ..... just bought green Apple's for the pie.

6. He ..... not 've p visited the London Eye yet.

7. Unfortunately (к сожалению), they ....... not taken any photos of the sight.

Short form.

1. He's just written the letter.

2. I ...... already done the test. May I go out?

3. We ...... just seen the film. A funny comedy.

4. Has she been to Africa? No,she ....... .

5. The girls ....... bought green Apple's for the pie

6. He ..... visited the London Eye yet.

7. Unfortunately, they ..... taken any photos of the sight.

Помогите пожалуйста. Очень нужно срочно. За правильный ответ, еще плюс 20 баллов


завершити вироки з відповідною формою слів
Robinson Crusoe, a novel by Daniel Defoe, was first published in 1719. Everybody knows that the book tell about the______(excite) adventures of the sailor on an uninhabited island, but very few people know that this novel was based on____(true) events. Defoe"s initial______(inspire) for Crusoe is usually thought to be a Scottsh saillor Alexander Selkirk< who lived four years on the Pacific island called Mas a Nierra, Chile. The talend of the____(novel) created an extremele____(success) storyy and Robinson Crusoe became a_____(legend) character. By the end of the 19th century, no book in the history of the Western literature had had more edition and_____(translate) than Robinson Crusoe! Будь ласмочка допоможіть але швиденько!

Make these sentences passive. 1.They have published her new book recently 2.The town counceil has just opened our local museum.

3.Their house looks very smart after they have painted it

4.The room looks nice.Somebody has cleaned it.

5.My dress is clean.Someone has washed it.

6.Dinner is ready and hot.Someone has just cooked it.

7.They have opened a new theatre in the city.

8.There are no letters on the table.Somebody has posted them.

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Напишите отрицание, общий вопрос, вопрос к подлежащему и сказуемому.

1. We lived in the lighthouse.

2. She has just bought soom food.

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