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протылежни за значенням this house is new

10-11 класс

Nataliekauchuk 10 окт. 2015 г., 20:04:33 (8 лет назад)
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10 окт. 2015 г., 22:06:44 (8 лет назад)

~~~~~~~~~~This house is old. ~~~~~~~


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Exercise 1.12. Put the following sentences in plural and write them down. Pay attention to the changes of the verb (глагол):1. A new house is in our

street. 2. This story is very interesting. 3. There was a woman, a man, a boy and a girl in the room. 4. In the farm-yard we could see an ox, a sheep, a cow and a goose. 5. Put this knife on that table. 6. Why don't you eat this potato? 7. This strawberry is still green. 8. A yellow leaf has fallen to the ground. 9. Can you see a bird in that tree? 10. Does your tooth still ache? 11. I held up my foot to the fire to warm it. 12. His child studies very well. 13. Is this worker an Englishman or a German? — He is a Frenchman. 14. What is that child's name? 15. The cat has caught a mouse. 16. I have hurt my foot. 17. The wolf has been shot. 18. He keeps his toy in a box. 19. This man works at our office.
помогите пожалуйста очень надо.

вставить где необходимо артикль:a,an,the: 1)This...pencil is broken .Give me that pencil,please .2.I have...ten programmes on my TV .3)My friend

has ...car .The car is broken now .4)I got letter from my friend yesterday letter was wery long .5)She has two ... daug htere and ...one...son .Her...son is...student .6)My...brother's friend has no dog .7)This is ... horge . The house is white .8)They have ... party .The bapty is a birthday party.9)I read good book yesterday. The book was interesting and funny.

Вставить где нужно артикли a, an, the 1)This pencil is broken. Giv me that pencil, please 2)I have ten programmes 3)My friend has

car car is broken how

4)I got letter from my friend yesterday letter was very long

5)She has two daughters and one son. Her son is student

6)My brothers friend has no dog

7)This is house is white

8)They have party party is a birthday party

9)I read good book yesterday book was interesting and fonny

помогите пожалуйста закончить эти рифмовки с помощью прилогательных. This car is ---- ,

this bench is ---- ,
that street is ----- ,
that van is -----.
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Раск1.This man is (tall) than that one. 2. Russia is a very (large) country. 3. Which is (large): the United States or Canada? 4. Which building is the (hi

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