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Read the letter and fill in: family, brother, grandfather, plays, mother, grandmother, father languages, lucky, kind.

1-4 класс

Hi, I'am Amy Clark. I'am ten years old. This is a picture of my ........... They are all very nice people. My ............. is Mike. He's 36 and very friendly. He can speak two .................. ,English
and French. Janice is my ............................. . She's 35 and a very .................... person. My ..................... is Gary. He's 62 and very funny. He is my mother's father. Nancy is my .............. . She's 59 and ................ the piano very weel. Jesse is my little ................... .
He's 8 and very clever. He can be a little crazy, too! My family is great and I'am so .............
to have them!
Write back and tell me about your family. Send a picture!

Помогите пожалуйста!

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1 family
2 father
3 languages
4 mother
5 kind
6 grandfather
7 grandmother
8 plays
9 brother
10 lucky


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Выберите верный вариант.

Peter is in Germany. He ... for a few days.

has gone
have gone

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Well, I hope this information is interesting for you. Please write back and...(20) me about your family.

Love, Fiona.

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12. A) little B) a little C) a few

13. A) have also B) have too C) also have

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15. A) as B) like C) with

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сделайте пожалуйста

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Read and fill in. 1 big - bigger 2 happy - 3 nice - 4 tall - 5 fat -

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11.A) losing
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12. A) film B) movie C) cinema D) screen

13.A) views
B) images
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14.A) recently 3) especially C) constantly D) consistently

15. A) keep
B) take
C) prevent
D) preserve

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17.A) fails B) keeps C) follows D) believes

18. A) add B) pay C) count D) sum up

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20.A installation B) ineficiency c) imagination D)appointment
Saltanovaeliza 16 часов тому

1) Read the magazine article below and fill in the gaps with one of the words from the list below. Then close your books and talk about the qualities

of a good babysitter.

common sense, bossy, sensibly, trustworthy, responsibility, enthusiastic, entertainer, relaxed, discipline, reliable, patience

What Makes a Good Babysitter?

When I was at school, I used to do a lot of babysitting at the weekends to earn a bit of extra pocket money. Most of the work I did was for family friends who had young children, and knew that I could cope with the

1)_________________ of looking after their kids I think one of the most important qualities of a good

babysitter is 2)_____________________ - you shouldn't get angry or

annoyed, but just stay calm in all situations. I suppose how you deal with anything is just a matter of 3)

_____________________ ; if there's a problem you just have to deal with it 4)____________________________ and use

your brain! I was always firm with the children but never 5) ____________________ because 1 don't

think you get anywhere with them if you keep on telling them to do things when it's unnec-essary. I tried to

be 6)_____________________ with them; I didn't make too many rules, because that way we all enjoyed

ourselves, and they always looked forward to me coming. Obviously a certain amount of 7)

_____________________ is needed, as you don't want them running roimd the house out of control. I'm a bit of

a(n) 8)____________________ when it comes to looking after kids; I like to make

them laugh. We always sang a few songs and played a few games. I always tried to appear 9)

_____________________ and interested in what they were doing as this helped them become confident, The

most important quality for a babysitter, as far as the parents are concerned, is that you are

___________________ 10) They are leaving you alone in their house with their children, and so they

really have to be able to trust you. Of course you have to be 11) __ ; it wouldn't be

much good if they couldn't depend on you to get there on time every time,

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